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  • Offline Data ​Synchroniza​tion Services in Visual Studio 2008

    Don't know if I explained my problem good enough.(Im not english...) What I want to do is filter the data that is being synced from the server. For instance sync only rows "where userid = @MyUserId" Instead of syncing all rows in the table as in this presantation. I guess it is quite common that a client doesn't need all data from a servertable.
  • Offline Data ​Synchroniza​tion Services in Visual Studio 2008

    Very good presentation!

    I have one question, I have a centralserver with lots of user specific data. And I only want to get userspesific data synced to the client. For instance if you have several salespersons and one salesperson are only interested in customerdata, orders etc for his customers. How will I proceed to sync only subsets of data?