Hi guys,

Has anybody tried accessing a remote media file shared by a WinCE file server from a WinCE client?
I have 2 CEPCs setup with Windows CE 5.0, BSP: CEPC x86.

I have a media file (chicken.wmv) located in a WinCE server
Media Player pops up the error message:

Cannot open '\\fileserver\media\chicken.wmv'. (0x8007000e)

Here are some scenarios that work fine:

- WinXP client accesses remote media file (chicken.wmv).
- WinCE client accesses remote documents like Word or PDF files.
- WinCE client plays the media file (chicken.wmv) stored in local
directory (\temp).
- WinCE client accesses the remote media file via HTTP

The error only happens when I access a media file in a remote
WinCE file server directory from WinCE client.

I am aware that Media Player uses DirectShow.
Could this be a DirectShow issue when it tries to render a remote
source file?
Has anyone found a solution or a workaround to this issue?