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  • Improve your Code Quality Using Live Code Analyzers

    Hi. Could you post the project code you used for the demo? I'm having difficulty getting both a VSIX and analyzer project to talk to each other. I've tried creating a VSIX project and then an analyzer item inside it. A VSIX project, then a second project it references that is a class library with a analyzer in it etc. I can't seem to get the test VS to actually use the analyzer I'm creating. Anyways would be nice to kind of use this solution as a template.

    Thanks for the presentation it was very cool. Looking forward to moving a lot of stylecop rules into live analysis instead + add stuff for new language features (like Async suffix example you did). As a bribe: if I get a good port going I'm willing to make it publicly available :)

  • Code First to Existing Database (EF6.1 Onwards)

    A feature I haven't been able to confirm exists (and stack overflow the sole response I got was you can't do it) but would be a nice integration point:  sql extendedproperties: should be able to create and or get them back from the database to your code first model. At my work we have a fairly complicated database that we allow third party distributors to develop against. We need to be able to among other things document tables/columns in the db itself. Having a code first but then having to go into the database and manually add the documentation afterwards seems a bit like a cludge.

  • Modern IT Innovation: Case Study and Practices for Reimagining Experiences Using the Latest Trends

    I'm kind of curious about UI design in the demo at the end with the large (80") screen. I'm curious why (and it isn't just you) people use these huge displays but then just scale up all the UI. For example the keyboard and number pad are so large as to be nearly unusable: it is forcing the user to hunt and peck rather than be able to type. A better paradigm IMHO would be to have the keyboard only slightly larger than you'd get on a tablet (say desktop sized) and use the location the user typed last to locate the controls near them rather than having them shuffle over a couple steps to get to the controls which at best is awkward but at worse they need to move other people out of their way to do so.

  • (Module 1) ITIL for IT ​Professiona​ls - Introduction to the ITIL Framework

    I searched for the video title on MVA and couldn't find a link to the tests. Could someone please provide it?

  • Pushing the 12K Boundary in PC Gaming

    While cool to see I don't really see it being that practical especially for racing games. You are already in an artificial 3rd party view do you really need to pay ~$2k for extra monitors so you get more blur at the periphery of your vision (which is also off the track)? FPS I can see, games with lots of controls and menus okay. Video editing so the thing you are editing has a lot of real-estate and all the UI can be off on other windows also works.

  • Defrag: NAS Delete Delay, Drive Issues, Booting Connected Users

    Hi guys great show thanks for answering my question about getting file details. I get it now: not just in the NTFS headers but inside of the files. Of course movies tend to be large so you'll end up jumping all over the disk/not get anything useful for the next file when you read in a block for the previous. All makes sense now. Pain ... maybe I'll make a utility to solve this I can see keeping a list of files seen already and just getting their properties once. Might not be as accurate if the files were to change but most often these are files that I'm not editing just consuming. I'd just have to check for new files and remove old files and voila reading video metadata for previously seen files isn't needed just a directory scan to see differences.

  • Data/​Contract Coupling in Messaging

    Maybe this is me coming from WCF land in most of my messaging scenarios but I always like to specify contracts at the interface level not the class level. Implement the interface and specify reasonable functionality for the methods. Things change, db schema on the backend whatever you change the object on the server side and the clients still work because they are still getting IOfWhateverContract.

  • Defrag: Task Bar, Pop ups and UNC Behavior

    @renaming question: I didn't hear in the description that there was a domain at the workplace. If they are just a bunch of PCs in a small office can you still create a domain (ie no active directory server)? I'm assuming you could install linux and/or LDAP and play around but probably not a supportable small office solution.

    Can you just tick AD somewhere like you can with IIS as a windows feature to add?

  • Defrag: High CPU Usage, Audio Interrupt, Sharing Printers and Files

    @RonnieCorny: Default device: good point/good chance that is the case. It probably comes down to the manufacturer/motherboard but I'd love to be able to select output method or even lock it so for example you don't have to unplug headphones to turn the system speakers on.

    At some level this must be possible because Skype always rings on system speakers even though the call audio comes through my headset if my headset is attached I'd rather it ring though it since I talk to people overseas and a very loud ring at 4am isn't very pleasant. Would be a nice setting to have something like headphones always work and still be able to toggle on and off speakers (my headset attaches to the  back of my computer so it is is a pain to switch output methods). I don't recall seeing that anywhere in system settings (might just be something MS has no control over).

  • YOW! 2012: Dave, Martin and Todd - The Loadstone Foundation

    I don't fully understand the premise of Lodestone they say open source do they mean free open source? What is the model of how people will contribute? In my mind if I can get $250k/yr making plumbing software for a round robin of banking customers why would I contribute to a FOSS repository?

    If I'm thinking correctly banks would still have to pay to make the model work, they could either have their in house developers publish their code (with mutual sharing with others in the industry) or have it as part of the contract for the consultants that the code gets turned over with the required FOSS license. But I can't see why people capable of doing the high paid jobs would give the code away instead of doing the consulting gigs. Linux I can see because it is something the individual gets a kick out of and can actually use themselves, doing plumbing code for a bank is work and needs to pay me IMHO.

  • YOW! 2012: Michael Nygard - Architecture Without an End State, Modern IT, and More

    Very funny I'm listening to an old Pragmatic programmer podcast with Michael Nygard and then check out C9 to see what is new and This is on the top of the list Smiley

  • Defrag: Adding MicroSD to Libraries, Multiboot PCs, Win8 Mail App

    Re colour inversion for low light: would be nice if all computers had it but some computers (Mac Book Pro from a few years ago with lit keyboard in low light environment comes to mind) especially laptops adjust light level based on ambient lighting coditions. Would be nice if there was a way to piggyback off that and rather than just dimming the screen you could trigger colour inversion. How cool would it be to be working in a office only lit by daylight and have your screen and keyboard back-lighting kick on like streetlights?