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magicalclick magicalclick Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
  • coffeehouse: a great place to flood with junk

    , vesuvius wrote


    I think they would be better of using an off the shelf product that has regular updates, since their current model is build channel 9, say it's done and then not update the codebase for a few years. Yes keep the main site custom (really a CMS) so they have full control over it, with the forums, when update and fixes are available then the site gets updated at minimal fuss for Microsoft, though I am not sure there are forums that mobile first (certainly not phpbb - not really sure what is flavour of the month nowadays) 

    In history, it took them several months after WP8 to replace the broken editor with HTML1 textbox.

    And it took them another several months, after I got so frustrated and started a weekly bug status campaign, they finally add one line of most trivial HTML code to deal with newlines, string.replace(content, "newline", "br code").

    And the same WP8 problem is back in W10M without any fix. They only fixed the insane infinite loop crash on W10M, but, the same cursor problem is still there. And they will NOT fix it yet again.

    As of now, I no longer has the energy to advocate excellence. I only have the energy to LMOA when their broken forum affects other users.

  • outlook.com horror story, make sure you fix it before it happens.

    If you are using hotmail/live/outlook and used windows phone, you are likely used this account link feature. And sometimes you may not realize where you typed your info on. This happened to me today and I freaked out seeing my parent's contact disappeared from my WP home screen (lucky I can see it so soon). Somehow, I don't know why, but, my mom has both outlook and messenger contacts. And somehow, most of the data, I typed, are saved into the messenger contact. And then, somehow the messenger contact got deleted. I am not sure why other messenger contacts are still ok, but, my dad and my mom's messenger contacts got deleted. The whole contact disappeared from my phone while outlook.com still have one version.


    1) make sure your contacts are saved in outlook, not the messenger version. If you are not sure, unlink them and double check.

    2) double check if there is any random delete by going into account recovery. I found deleted contacts there.

    Almost thought I got hacked. Scary.

  • .gov statistics: chrome is at 42% ​(mobile+des​ktop)

    not surprising. Hulu login using FB on IE doesn't work. Thankfully Edge is ok, even though it is so hard to get around the forced registration page.

  • coffeehouse: a great place to flood with junk

    honestly i dont care about whatever tech they are using. I just want it to work, simple as that. this is what you get. if you don't type all the way

    , elmer wrote


    Is this an editor issue? (I only read C9 on my WM10 device, and it works - albeit desktop layout)

    C9 is running TinyMCE editor v4.1.10 (2015-05-05) and according to the changelog, there have been updates since then to fix Edge and WM10 issues. Perhaps C9 needs to update it.


    it is the editor.

  • coffeehouse: a great place to flood with junk

    expect the forum to be broken in the next 10 years, especially on mobile Edge. If Edge still exists that is. Man, the survey was a clear joke. Keep up the "good" work MS, LMAO.

  • SpamSpamSpam

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    26 Pages of spam -- I can only delete them one at a time, so I'm not even going to try (plus I am at work and they don't pay me to moderate a forum).  If only I had a ban-hammer, or a batch delete  ....


    don't worry about it. It is by design. We know you are not at fault, especially mod is not allowed to fix the site.

  • Channel9 accuse me of being a spammer. Havent even posted once yet!

    but he said he hasn't even post anything.

  • coffeehouse: a great place to flood with junk

    @LarryLarsen: Can you just tell the product owner to use W10M edge to visit the forum daily and reply often? The feedback is pointless. Everyone knows it is crap. And you guys can visit the feedback forum which takes 1 whole year to get one line of code fixed.

  • coffeehouse: a great place to flood with junk

    you guys are holding it wrong. It is by design. #dealwithit. The complaints are getting old.

  • SpamSpamSpam

    stop complaining, you guys are holding it wrong. This is by design.