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magicalclick magicalclick C9 slogan, #dealwithit. WinPh8.1 IE empty tab crash and removable video control edition.
  • I made a big mistake.

    I made a big mistake. I trusted MS and installed the latest Win10 update. Now, Mail People Calendar are explore.exe error with invalid value for registry. And I cannot install it from Store app with some random error code. Good job Microsoft.

  • windows changes and what goes on at hq

    , bondsbw wrote


    I'm talking about Metro design guidelines and how they apply to what we call the desktop.  I'm not talking about apps that you launch from the desktop, such as this one.

    Why can't you see that I'm not disagreeing with you guys?  My one and only purpose in this conversation has been to point out that you are using the term "Metro" wrong.  That's it.

    But I've said that already, so I predict at least one, two, perhaps even three more people on this thread bringing up something that isn't Metro, calling it Metro, and pointing out that bondsbw feels this is good design (even though I never commented on how good that particular point of design is).

    Why you have trouble talking to others? Because you don't speak in human language. When someone who refers to metro, almost no one refers to the actual design language. And that is a common sense, not joking. Of course it could be many different things when someone just refer it as metro. And you are supposed to try and figure it out based on the context. Human language is heavily based on context, not about perfectly find a vocabulary and use it perfectly in a sentence. And really, what you ended up doing, is just an example of trolling by diverting the topic or the message.

    If you are unclear what the persons subject and topic. It is perfectly fine to ask and then get back to the topic. There is no point diverting the topic to debate how to correctly find the best vocabulary to describe a graphics style. That is not the topic of this thread. You will not get anywhere when you can't communicate with other people at same level.

    And if Microsoft failed to communicate with users at same level. Obviously they will lose touch with the user. And if it continue on this path and fail to communicate with its users, less users will by their product. That's exactly what happened to Win8 at epic proportion.

  • How would you solve the IE broken back button issue?

    Yeah, cannot reproduce on my IE. Maybe he needs to update.

  • windows changes and what goes on at hq

    So we are just talking about the icons and window border now? It is amazing Windows has gone so wrong to the point of having this topic. I don't have much preferences. But, without borders, I find it harder to resize the window. The resize hit test is just too narrow. For that, I guess my question would be, why borderless? Is the change necessary? What's the benefits for sacrificing easier to resize hit tests?

    As for the icons. Oh well, it is fugly, but, I wouldn't fight the corporate fools for this.

  • windows changes and what goes on at hq

    The WP swipe teasing UI needs to go away because an iPhone user like my brother can't figure out there is more to swipe and think the design is just idiotic. Plus it is waste of screen space.

  • windows changes and what goes on at hq

    , TheTraveler wrote


    Not true, but so far everything we have seen has been early builds. With an apparent summer release, that is no longer the case, and its time to speak up outside the feedback tools before this window has been sealed off

    Yes and no. What you said is correct. But, what I said is still valid.

  • windows changes and what goes on at hq

    It is not a swing. The hater did not try the preview until this month. They are just late.

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    Whatever it is. The metro app is no longer useless (except the audio bug). So, IMO, it will finally take off, except the newer stupid name "Windows App". Without fixing this, I do not believe "Windows App" will be accepted. The name is just not good, period.

  • Windows 10 stinks!


    You are pissing at Notification Center? Huh?

  • Spartan will go open source

    I just hope I can embed my own copy of Spartan in my app. And completely remove the possibility to reference Windows copy of Spartan. Because those horrendous web references must die.