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magicalclick magicalclick Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, and no Store name.
  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    @figuerres: One simple justification for XAML is vertical layout. You can grid vertical layout easily on XAML because like you said, it is for applications. Html is incapable of vertical layout. It requires IE6 box sizing for proper horizontal layout, but, it still cant do vertical. Also non-IE browsers are incapable of doing cascaded size change event. If you want to change a child control resize due to parent resize, you need to explicitly resize all the controls. Only IE can do cascaded size change event.

  • urgent. 950 SYSTEM eating my 1/3 of my data

    , bondsbw wrote


    This sounds like it might be some confusing UI.  Maybe the popup "Allow" means you are allowing it to cancel, and "Cancel" means you are canceling the cancel.  Try again but clicking "Cancel".

    Either that or the button isn't indicating the current state, but the state you are requesting.  In which case it's already where you want.

    it is confusing. Instead of typical radio button, it is a button saying allow. It is probably means I am currently disallow and can allow it by pressing the botton. The wording is opposite of typical setting radio buttons.

  • urgent. 950 SYSTEM eating my 1/3 of my data

    , PeterF wrote

    Did you correctly configure your data plan in the data usage settings? else it might assume you have an unlimited data plan :-/

    I did, but it is not near data limit, so it hasn't block data yet.

  • urgent. 950 SYSTEM eating my 1/3 of my data

    , cheong wrote


    The setting you found does it. The wording is not very nicely chosen. (On the other hand, it doesn't make sense to only update through GSM network, does it?)

    cool. Will keep it enabled. I wish they have more options and make it clear.

  • urgent. 950 SYSTEM eating my 1/3 of my data

    , cheong wrote

    The followings maybe relevant:

    1) Change Marketplace setting so you only do update over WiFi and update live tiles over WiFi

    2) In Settings -> Network & wireless -> Data usage, turn off mobile data so you won't accidentally use your GSM data if WiFi connection not stable enough.

    3) In Settings -> Update & security -> Backup, you may want to disable automatic backup and backup yourself occasionally if the data size shown there is large. Disable backup for data for individual Apps that has large data size may also help.

    Hello, thanks a lot for the help, few more questions.

    1)  how do I set the Marketplace setting to only do update over WiFi? I think I only see the automatic update over WiFi.

    2) I never really understood this. The button currently says "Allow". And when I press it, it will ask if I want to Allow or Cancel. I click Cancel, the button still says "Allow". Is this correct?

    3) I turned this off now. Thanks :)

    thanks again. :)


  • urgent. 950 SYSTEM eating my 1/3 of my data

    950 SYSTEM has eat 900/3000MB of data in 10 days. Anyone knows what's going on? I won't have enough data to use for myself if all my 3GB are eating away by SYSTEM.

  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?

    , BitFlipper wrote


    It certainly has a lot to do with it because W10 was Metrofied in order to be just like WP, and if that very same WP dies, then what was the point exactly?

    Don't tell me it is to support touch screens, because touch screens on the desktop is just as hip as 3D TVs. IOW, not at all.

    And it isn't tablets either, because I have a Surface Pro 3 and it is useless as a tablet simply because the apps aren't there. How many more years should I wait so I can use it as an actual tablet? 5? 10? The irony is that the one and only app I do find useful on it in tablet mode is OneNote, but not the crippled Store version, no, the desktop version. Go figure...

    metro influence both WP and win. But, that doesnt mean WP influences Win10. And even if that's the case, Win10 is still has nothing to do with down fall of WP, unless you consider the direction of UWP is a responsibility of Win10 alone and UWP is responsible for wP downfall. Not saying metro is all that great either. There is tons of things metro needs to be fixed. But, the adoption of metro on Win10 has very little affect to the already abysmal WP competitiveness.

  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?

    , TexasToast wrote

    @bondsbw: I like Windows 10 for many reasons but you know Microsoft has a strategy to advertise a billion users on Windows 10.  If Windows 10 was really that great they would charge for it like any normal business would do.  If you have a strategy to beef up your phone sales you give away Windows 10 to say write code for windows phone and you have a billion customers.  That is also why they want UWP applications and are ignoring standard windows desktop applications.  My opinion is it wont work and the windows phone will be gone.  They will need to regroup and find ways to make money on windows 10, its applications, Azure, and maybe even applications for Android and iPhone.  Maybe they (I hope) bring back the power of the laptop and desktop with depth, color, etc.

    It is only free if you upgrade it before the one year promotion expires. I don't see this is a bad move. Actually it is one of the best move MS ever made. And I like the App Model a lot after several years MS finally support Window Mode. My bro is able to adopt Mail app so quickly without screaming full screen hell.

    I don't see the app store a problem for publishing. iOS and Android are doing the same, and they are getting a lot of users because of this.

    Death of WP really has little to do with Win10, so, that's not get mixed up.

  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?

    , bondsbw wrote

    And I'm not trying to dismiss your concerns.  I'd personally love it if I could tweak every pixel and feature to make it perfect for me.  I'd love to have the kind of control a typical Linux user has, while still being able to make use of the Windows ecosystem at will.

    But saying things that aren't true just to make your "side" seem more respectable doesn't help.  It makes me respect you less.

    After I told my brother that he can customize the Win10 Mail app background, he changed it to plain color. Customization at finest. He is liking the mail app over his fav Outlook now, because it works well with touch screen. And funny, I bro like to use touch screen more than the touchpad.

  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?

    @BitFlipper: Flat icon is fine. The problem is some screwed up people suggested MS to use zero color icons on other thread. I quickly wrote NO. Icon needs to be in different color period. I can't believe some people would suggest MS that, likely an competitor employee trying to recommend something that has no common sense.