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magicalclick magicalclick Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
  • VS2015: Writing comments into code while debugger is running?

    I don't like the idea that, I can modify my source file in any way when debugger is running. I hate accidents. Pausing it and make changes, at least is a deliberate action.

    You can always make a quick garbage loop above your breakpoint during the pause. And you just drag the arrow above the loop and it will just execute that garbage. And just let the loop run from time to time, and you can avoid timeout.

    Of course, if VS does this, they have more freedom to do just like you said.

    I think the feature should be called, Zero TimeOut Breakpoint. The objective is basically break the debugger without getting TimeOut. And that would be a more precise description of what you want.

  • Microsoft Edge on Linux

    doesn't have to be open source. But I agree. Edge needs to run on Mac, Android, and most importantly Windows7.


  • MS selling feature phone business

    , evildictait​or wrote


    No, "feature phones" are old Nokia phones (i.e. the ones that aren't smart phones and don't run Windows).

    Microsoft has literally always intended to sell this part of the Nokia business. It's high-value in India, China and in Africa, but the phones don't run Windows, so it's always made more sense for them to sell it on once they could find a good buyer for it.

    that's my thought, but, you are the only one saying the same thing so far. I almost thought only me thinks this way.

  • MS selling feature phone business

    is feature phone a smart phone?

    anyway, Windows Phone is dead long ago. MS killed it. It is called Windows 10 Mobile, and it is not Windoes Mobile either because it is not Windows Mobile 10. It is Windows 10 Mobile.


  • Anyone knows how to export Edge Favorites back into simple IE fav files?

    thanks. Hope they will have a ln extension version too.

  • i think MS just screwed up my 950.

    after taking several hours to download and install the update. The phone appears to not eating my battery now. Not entirely sure yet because I forgot to enable my Data. Will see.

  • i think MS just screwed up my 950.

    i am on the official non-dev ring. this morning I got an update asking me to restart. I did it which failed the install "as usual". After that, I pressed download manually, and it say I can't, becaus I am roaming. Not sure what that means. But, my phone has been hot while idle doing nothing. Restarting my phone doesn't fix this. Now, I am back home with WiFi, trying to download the update using wifi. But, it is still 0%. And what's worse, my ATT sys-icon is showing activity arrow when I already disabled data. I am afraid it is still eating my data right now. This is so bad.

  • a thread with no name ??

    quality of a front facing MSDN community forum.

  • Rift vs Hololens vs ps4 VR is MS going to lose out.

    , RealBboy360 wrote


    Rift would have to make an app on the xbox one, and the hardware doesn't have enough power to support rift. Also, you can't plug the Rift into Xbox One.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see this as a possibiliy

    maybe I got it backward. I thought OR can connect to XboxOne. I think MS should make some driver for OR and use UWP to push the game without hurting the quality of the game due to hardware limitation.

  • Rift vs Hololens vs ps4 VR is MS going to lose out.

    , RealBboy360 wrote


    Yes, but best case, you'd still have to go through windows 10.

    not sure what you mean by that. XboxOne is basically Win10 especially after UWP.