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magicalclick magicalclick C9 slogan, #dealwithit. WinPh8.1 IE empty tab crash and removable video control edition.
  • Stupid legitimate question.

    I was reading this article.



    And I click one of the game and view it on Store App. And then, I was looking at some screenshots in full screen. After that, how do I go Back???

  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?

    , cbae wrote


    Just by the way Chrome gets covertly installed onto computers through installation of other programs should be reason enough to consider Chrome malware.

    I believe that's what happened to my mom's laptop. Likely Flash update, cuz my dad said he got it from his desktop through Flash/Acrobat update.

  • Surface 4 Rumours

    SkyLake processor??? Another reference to Terminator 4???

  • How to stream Xbox on windows 10 at work with RDP


    I guess you can map your RDP keyboard to controller. So you can control the controller on the other side. Then, map your control on your current PC to the keyboard.

    So it will be Controller > Keyboard > RDP > Keyboard > Controller.

    Anyway, it will be playing slideshow due RDP graphics.

  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?


    Google Chrome and its extensions? Well.... Yesterday my dad told me the laptop I gave to my mom was very slow recently. The internet was much slower than usual. He then, removed only two apps, GoogLe Chrome and Google Toolbar. After that, the laptop is fast again. So, one of them or both, are some kind of malware that slowed down the laptop.

    And as for Google Chrome Extensions, the top3 or top5 largest botnet are using Google Chrome Extensions to do DDoS attacks. Goes to show you how many PC installed Google Chrome Extensions are infected with malwares.

    MS already planned to support extensions on Edge, hopefully not as virus happy as Google Chrome Extensions.

    I will reserve judgement for now. Win10 did the following and I will at last give them some credit.

    1) window mode on WUPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!
    2) much much faster app startup. Slow Music is now fast Groove Music, the app start up rivals WMP. Meaning, I finally don't feel like I am forced to use WMP due to startup speed.
    3) Groove Music One Drive private music streaming is pretty awesome to me. And it plays offline.
    4) Groove Music is not slapping me with store.
    5) Mail, Calendar, People are working well so far.
    6) Start Menu with IT happy selections.

    I will reserve judgment for now. At least I did not have same amount of frustration compare to Win8.

  • WTF WIN10 auto update restart.

    The update appears to the a big one. Taking longer than normal especially I have ultra fast Crucial SSD. I guess this is the special RTM build. I will give them a pass just for today.

  • WTF WIN10 auto update restart.

    OK. This is BS. I have set the restart at 3am. And it just auto restarted my PC while I am playing video game. Seriously WTF WTF WTF WTF. This is complete BS. Where is the Win7 shutdown and install updates??

    How many gamer would be in the heat of FPS session and get booted out like this???? Seriously WTF.

  • Strange Lumia 950 button layout.


    The source is very real. The markup is based on people who has access to the device.

  • Strange Lumia 950 button layout.

    So, basically the Lumia 950 (XL) button layout is in this order from top to bottom. Volume Up, Power Button, Volume Down, Camera.

    Who in the right mind to do this???? I mean, the screenshot combo is made to skip a button to prevent accident and they make it accident happy on both combinations??? And that cell phone in the right mind would put power button in the middle??? I mean??? Wuuuuuuuttttt???

    Anyway, glad to see a new flag ship with large 5.7 XL screen. At least I don't feel too bad replacing my 1520.

    Head to typical tech site for ref.

  • Faulty update time! (And again, W10..)

    Switch to Win10 Email. :P. Anyway, it is strange how it can crash Outlook. Pretty bad there.