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magicalclick magicalclick C9 slogan, #dealwithit.
  • Windows 10 Fall Version

    No more Start Menu again? I don't believe you. If it is true, I can kiss MS goodbye. Because as far as I am ok with Start Screen, I run out of patience toward MS stupidity.

  • The should I give up my windows phone question


    I think Continuum isn't target travel people. But for the people who is starting to replace PC with their cell phones. Not a strong selling point, because they should just get a windows tablet. But, I like this feature a lot. For someone who is light on desktop experience and use their phone all the time. Maybe they can just use their phone instead when they need that rare serious work.

    I think it will be nice to do that like watching Netflix in hotel.

  • The should I give up my windows phone question

    Don't care about cheevo. The biggest selling point is the continuum. And the app is extremely lacking. Still no Grindr and Growlr. No gay would buy WP, unless they are stupid like me. And the Store name is idiotic. There is no way people would care until they give the store an identity.

  • How do techies organize their Digital Assets

    I just Netflix and I barely take enough videos.

  • Onedrive... are they serious?

    Also Groove cloud storage is crippled too?

  • Onedrive... are they serious?

    It is extremely terrible.

  • No more end to end encryption

    Commendable attempt that wont stop the bad guys encrypt their data on their own. And no one cares about security until incident like 911 happens again. Hell, even after 911, people are still complaining about improving the non-existence airport security.

  • More "accidental" upgrades in the works

    That's pretty bad. MS needs to get this straight out.

  • Cortana is doing that Clippy thing

    Clippy and wizard are my childhood favorite although I was too young to know what it was saying, or maybe it was using English which I don't understand. Whatever it is, it is cute and I have never understand what it is doing.

  • tablet power button sucks

    This is second time I experience this crappy tablet power button that ultimate leds to the dead tablet.

    1) my few years old Asus T100 suddenly shows weird lines on the screen. Trying to shutdown the tablet quickly, can't do it. Ultimately the tablet is dead.

    2) the two months old Acer Switch tablet. It was strongly loud and my parents had a hard time turning it off right away. The crap now is dead. Trying to get Acer to verify warranty and get it repaired.

    But, here is the thought. It is utter crap how the power button is designed. It does nothing by holding it. Notebook still turns it off by holding it. On tablet, it is not shutting it off.

    I think I had to old both power and volume up or whatever combo that no one remembers and need to be used in the instant when the tablet is about to become a dead piece of pollution materials.

    It is horrible.

    Imagine your Prius doing that same old carpet Go-Forward slogan. You try go use that joy stick to change shift (which you have no idea if you did it at emergency moments), you quickly try to press the power button. Oh no, hold it. Now imagine it as tablet, oh no, need to hold it with some other button. Then, crash.

    That's basically my frustration right now.

    Also Acer Switch died on me in two months, hmmmm..... That is just NOT GOOD.