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magicalclick magicalclick Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
  • Doom and gloom over Apple

    seems like media is on the plow on Apple doom and gloom. The new quater report have a 16% drop on iPhone sales globally and iPad is selling less and less.

    compare to MS, no one cares about that 2% drop out of face of the Earth. 2-in-1 is the new PC replacing tablet, notebook, and desktop all together. Azure is also taking small increase in market share.

    while both stocks drop, I think MS is in much better position. The whole touch Windows, Surface, and Azure are paying off. And more good news, both India CEOs are shaking hand, so, more hope of official YouTube app

    is coming.

    not only that, MS is committed to make most secure mobile OS unlike virus happy Android and iOS. I think MS is actually cool again. And with ever improved Win10, I am more confident that it will stay ahead of it's competitors.


    aside from WP is dead, it is actually doing very good. So yeah, maybe by the time my 950 dies, the new MS is actually attractive enough to get myself a Windows installed on a small screen. Especially no more 2 years contracts, so, price is important. Those 99 bucks models actually look good under app gap. Hahaha.



  • Something is horribly wrong with my 950 calender.

    I don't know what's going on. My 950 calender keeps refusing to accept my Edit on my Note section of the calender event. I have to do it like 10 time and it will get updated if I am lucky. Anyone getting this problem, if you are using 950?

  • Surface Phone - a year away

    would be nice to see the phone using the same magnesium material.

  • Acer Jade Primo

    just saw the price, 99 bucks. That's is attractive. The cheap price can justify lack of apps, especially I would never get an Android.

  • Would this stop you buying a new car?

    a lot of people will put a sticker over it. 

  • Acer Jade Primo

    why isn't it the best time?

  • OneDrive problems

    @SteveRichter: I hear you. I think your cases are worth investigating, both the bug and feature suggestion. I think sometimes it is very challenging to get message across. For example: If I press enter on my 950 right here, I will get into infinite loop and the site doesn't seem to care to fix it. Or some other horrible stories with this site or WP or feature suggestions. I still remembered people bashing my idea of adding spell check on IE. It was years of waiting to get it recognized. I really hope your problems can be resolved. Sure you can always use other services, but, we are all MS fans here and I wish MS services to do well and do things that meets your expectations.

  • OneDrive problems


    Whether you still think your idea is good or not, I support your idea. Of course, you should use version control software for geeky stuff. But, I think your idea is a good improvement to OneDrive client.

    I can see this as some kind of warning notification to block user from accidentally shutting down prematurely, similar to unsaved Word doc. User can cancel the shutdown or just let it wait.

    And this could be improved to handle internet connection. When wifi is lost, it unblocks and shuts down. And you can even customize whether you want to support data plan upload. If you disallow data plan, it will unblock when wifi is lost. If you allow data plan, it continues upload before it shuts down.

    Or a different use case such as upload auto shutdown. I could be editing a video on my desktop. Place in local OneDrive. Shuts it down, which OneDrive blocks it. Drive to work while OneDrive takes its sweet time uploading while I am stuck on traffic. Desktop shuts down when it is done. I arrived at work, continue working on the video at work desktop after I downloaded the latest version.

    Even Xbox360 did a delayed shutdown when downloading. This feature is not even new, just simply incorporating existing software behaviors from other products and enhance it with additional internet connectivity handling for mobile devices.

    And sorry for derailing your thread. Hope you like what you read here. I think your idea is good.

  • OneDrive problems

    , kettch wrote


    It's wrong on so many levels. Every time someone says this, I cringe. In software, there are no easy changes. The larger your customer base, the larger the magnitude of each change. At the scale Microsoft works at, the work needed to describe how to ensure a "simple" feature gets released is represented by a 5 dimensional matrix and involves low level modifications to space-time.


    Again, not simple. It's a downright dangerous feature that would cause far more frustration than it relieves.


    The Coffeehouse might get nasty now and then, but there are a lot of bright people here who have a great deal of combined experience. No one is being dismissive. Being dismissive would mean that no one even cares what the use case is. However, everyone here keenly understands the need to keep code safe. In most cases source control is freely available and can be used in very simple scenarios with minimal overhead.

    it is an optional feature and you are telling me that all the people will get impacted because of an optional feature, that maybe I should clearly say it is disabled by default. As for dismissive culture, it comes in many flavors. Sure you guys helped him in the regard of his particular use case. But, none of you acknowledged his idea could be useful for other use cases. And see you are here saying it is "dangerous". Practically saying the idea is horrible. Really, what's wrong with the idea? You cannot shutdown when you have an unsaved Word Doc. It is the same. And you can still force shutdown like that. What makes his idea more "dangerous" than unsaved Word doc?

  • OneDrive problems

    , AndyC wrote


    You're sat on a train, make a few last minute edits to some documents for work but there's no internet or power. You need it when you get to your destination, so you save your document, hit shut down and throw it in your bag. When you get to your destination you take the oddly warm laptop out of your bag, see it failed to shut down and the battery is basically dead. You curse Microsoft for their stupid OS not doing what you told it to.

    Things blocking shutdown have repeatedly proved to be a really bad idea.