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magicalclick magicalclick Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
  • Rift vs Hololens vs ps4 VR is MS going to lose out.

    , RealBboy360 wrote


    How?  You're supposed to be able to stream Xbox on Rift, but you still need to have a $1500 computer, and and be fairly technical on using a PC.  And those are not even VR games, it's just a different monitor for your xbox.

    What I mean is, XboxOne connects to OR. And that is a good first step to support OR. It is just about how games will be distributed. I would personally recommend to support OR by going through UWP. This would cover both PC and XboxOne. And this would transition well into the next gen. MS should be a team player to support OR and Vive, that is far more useful.


  • Intel Atom no more?

    Atom was aimed at netbook or mini tablets. Ever since Surface Pro shows Atom is irrelevant, it makes sense to drop it. Atom is never a phone processor, so, it isn't quitting phone market when it never join the fight.

  • Rift vs Hololens vs ps4 VR is MS going to lose out.

    Xbox one will work with OR, so...

  • Intel Atom no more?

    , elmer wrote

    @magicalclick: More or less... except that the docking "computer" would extend the phone's  functionality to full desktop mode, not boot from a separate image. i.e. Both phone and dock can access/maintain the base mobile & universal apps & settings, but only the dock can access/maintain the desktop & w32 apps & settings Sort of like a differencing disk hierarchy concept I guess?

    so, it is like when I press Photoshop tile, it will tell me to dock it because my phone can't run it yet.

  • Intel Atom no more?

    @elmer: Sounds like running Windows from a USB flash drive.

  • HP X3 Elite announced!

    , Ian2 wrote

    I have been playing with Continuum on a 950lx over the last week - it is an impressive technology, perhaps still looking for the perfect use case, but impressive nevertheless.

    the only one I can't think of, is IT people. walk to a server and run some continuum software to configure the server. And the phone will be a nice way to offer a consistent personalized IT environment. Still, I would just take my Surface instead. It is so far to see why I wouldn't use Surface instead. 

  • Intel Atom no more?

    seems like the dream of running Android emulator on Win32 phone is slim now.

  • HP X3 Elite announced!

    looks good. it can even live under water for 30 min. Oh and the giant battery. It is better than Lumia. The new business direction isn't bad TBH. Taking market little by little before Apple and Google noticed it.

    a Win32 Phone would be cool in the future too. At least I would be able to run Growlr on emulator. Lolz. 

  • Doom and gloom over Apple

    seems like media is on the plow on Apple doom and gloom. The new quater report have a 16% drop on iPhone sales globally and iPad is selling less and less.

    compare to MS, no one cares about that 2% drop out of face of the Earth. 2-in-1 is the new PC replacing tablet, notebook, and desktop all together. Azure is also taking small increase in market share.

    while both stocks drop, I think MS is in much better position. The whole touch Windows, Surface, and Azure are paying off. And more good news, both India CEOs are shaking hand, so, more hope of official YouTube app

    is coming.

    not only that, MS is committed to make most secure mobile OS unlike virus happy Android and iOS. I think MS is actually cool again. And with ever improved Win10, I am more confident that it will stay ahead of it's competitors.


    aside from WP is dead, it is actually doing very good. So yeah, maybe by the time my 950 dies, the new MS is actually attractive enough to get myself a Windows installed on a small screen. Especially no more 2 years contracts, so, price is important. Those 99 bucks models actually look good under app gap. Hahaha.



  • Something is horribly wrong with my 950 calender.

    I don't know what's going on. My 950 calender keeps refusing to accept my Edit on my Note section of the calender event. I have to do it like 10 time and it will get updated if I am lucky. Anyone getting this problem, if you are using 950?