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magicalclick magicalclick C9 slogan, #dealwithit. WinPh8.1 IE empty tab crash and removable video control edition.
  • This is outrageous. clippy related.

    So recently MS focus group or something released a study to why clippy failed. And now, it is saying that the genderless clippy is too male. My God, STOP HIRING PEOPLE to waste time on this BS!

    And seriously stop bashing clippy already.
    1) clippy is cute.
    2) clippy's name is not Microsoft Windows Live Office Live Clip Personal Assistant.
    3) clippy has nice graphics.
    4) clippy is "famous".
    5) clippy is innovative.
    6) clippy generated so much buzz, and that is exactly what a company needs.

    The only thing clippy failed at, it that is nagging presence and only fun to watch when you save the file. It requires too much reading and I never know what to do with clippy except looking at it for fun.

    Seriously clippy is NOT a failure. The buzz itself worths billions. As a kid, I loved clippy and so does all my classmates. As a kid, we don't care what it does, it is cute. And that's how we grow up with clippy.

    What clippy is, is a casualty of ever going MS politics warfare. God this gets me so mad!!!!!!

  • GB game patches.


    Yes, the texture and mesh are a lot more buggy than before too.

  • GB game patches.



    All the MMOs does tiny piece patching. For the program logic, I am fine with full replacement because they weren't large anyway. A program going over 100mb IMO is bad because the program is supposed to be in RAM and over 100mb is wasting RAM.

    The contents could be just done using those checksum thing and verify the files are ok. Of course, I fear something is wrong on online patching fees. Maybe they do one single giant patch to avoid getting penalized for pushing patches (Fez example).

    All I know is, the GB patch is annoying and i think many people will agree with me.

  • GB game patches.


    But, some of those bugs like you described probably only need single mesh update. And with correct partitioned mesh, they don't need to update that much.

  • GB game patches.

    , figuerres wrote



    there are many things going on with the new game engines and all of the details.

    you do know that some new games like on the xbox one are on a bluray disk ? so a 4 gig patch on a 30 gig game is not really that big.

    sometimes they  just need to make adjustments to stuff, but the way the data is packed makes it hard to ship a set of different small things w/o a larger patch file, they do what they can.

    also some patches are also adding new levels, sometimes they plans for adding in game events by shipping a patch to everyone that adds a whole new thing to the game.

    think of games as being like updating windows and office --- it gets complicated.

    I still don't get it. Why couldn't they do it like HL2??? The mesh, map, sound, textures all comes in small files. I think there is something wrong with packaging.

    While I don't have proof, but, it also feel like last Gen games patches are lower in percentage compare to the full game.

  • GB game patches.

    , figuerres wrote


    spend some time with a 3d game engine building a level and then you will get it....

    models , level maps, textures, sound, light maps, mipmaps, animations, shaders, decals, and also level programming. gobs and gobs of stuff......

    But why so many contents are broken??? I mean, what can you do with fix textures??? I mean, is this that common to have broken contents???

  • GB game patches.

    Why is the modern games patches so gigantic, like GBs large. I don't get it. The program should be like 100MB top. Rest of them are just content??? There is this many content to patch, I don't get it.

  • Windows Phone 10 is coming.


    Just a reminder, the wear and tear has never ever experienced on all my phones using official HTC or Nokia USB cables. And the wear and tear only happens on the cable itself, not the socket.

  • Copyright infringement in Windows Store

    Have you registered your trademark yet?

  • XBox One To Play XBox 360 games.


    I doubt it. Also most of those games don't age well. And all the Rare games are in 30 bucks collection. MCC already out, Fable remaster is now.

    The only original remotely worth playing is KOTOR and Ninja Gaiden 1 and Otogi, Panzer Dragon Orta.

    Racer, sports, shooters are easily replaced by future games.