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  • Defrag: Moving Page File, Recovering Encrypted Files, Missing User Account

    I'm a huge fan of defrag, and there is one thing I've been wanting to post for a while.

    Both Gov and Larry talk quite, which is ok, since I can just turn the volume up, and I don't expect in million years they would go super hyper mode like L Foy. (in which case I have to turn the volume down a bit Smiley


    But the problam w/ turning the volume up to listen to the voice louder is that the title song for Defrag is now way too loud.

    One day I was watching the show in a car and my dad was driving.

    and I hooked my phone to speakers so that I can hear better,

    and when the show was ever, the title song played which has scratchy sound and my dad thought he was literally scratching the car against another car.

    this wouldn't have happened if you guys could normalize the volume a bit.

    No, i don't want gov or larry to talk louder, and i don't want you to change the title song.

    But can you please adjust to volume a bit so that my dad can drive safer?