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  • The Advancement of Windows: Ales Holecek - Windows Shell (Windows Explorer, Desktop Search, UAC, Aer

    Can we please try and stay on topic. Take the discussion about meanings of words to an other place. Now back to the topic:

    I would surely like to have more customization ability of the UI in vista. Why not release a tool for modifying the bitmaps which form the basis of the UI. Atleast don't encrypt and hide them away in some signed dll. Just put them as resources so that one can edit them with a resource editor. Then enthusiasts can atleast be saved from the texas style drop-shadows which are way to big.

    If the dropshadows aren't bitmaps but created on the fly then give us strength, size and bluriness sliders. PLEASE!!! Pretty please with sugar on top. Maybe as a powertoy or as registryvalues or something. Please! Save us who don't want dropshadows from the photoshop play-land.
  • The Advancement of Windows: Ales Holecek - Windows Shell (Windows Explorer, Desktop Search, UAC, Aer

    New kind of annoyance possible with UAC:

    "Evilware" that onstantly pops up a UAC security dialog all the time. [6]
  • The Advancement of Windows: Ales Holecek - Windows Shell (Windows Explorer, Desktop Search, UAC, Aer

    Zeo wrote:

    Interesting Conversation. I'd love to hear more from Tjreed Hoek about his thoughs on Areo in the shell, and his thoughts behind the design.

    Great video tho.

    Well it appears there was no thought that went in to it. Havn't microsoft paid any attention to Apple? Why, oh, why do they have these discusting '90s style drop-shadows? They are WAY to strong. Please give us sliders where we can control the size and transparency! It couldn't be so hard. That or allow us to turn them off.

    And there are wide inconsitencies accross the system. Why not make everything in the same style.

    To the designers: LESS IS MORE!!!
    Do your animations and other cool stuff, but don't overdo every single effect just so people will notice them. Subtle effects! Again...look some at Apple.

    Also, missing some wallpapers at 1920x1200.
  • John Merrill – First Look at Exchange 12

    mawcc wrote:
    I think he said OWA for Exchange 2000, not 2003. I remember it was already quite good, and that was waaaay before everybody started talking about AJAX.

    With WebOS back in 1999 we were doing AJAX and browser client side app code before OWA. Allthough we didn't use XmlHttp at the time since it didn't exist afik, we had an API quite similiar to Windows Forms or Java Swing. Netscape 4 compatability was painful... Smiley

    Anyways, the things we're seeing now is roughly what we had before the "dot-com death".
  • Anders Hejlsberg - LINQ

    According to this test mono isn't slower than .net.

    Read in some place though that some of the drawing code was slower, but that probably is in the works on improving.
  • Larry Hryb - First look at Xbox 360 (with the MVPs)

    Will there be a webservice to access the gamercard information? That would be cool, 'cause then you could easily integrate it into your own website.
  • Jeffrey Snover - More talking about Monad

    Hmm...the video is upside down and all green when it streams at 111kbps. When the connection is happy and at 216 kbps it all looks ok.
  • Manuel Clement and others - Introducing Sparkle

    No C++, just C# or VB.Net code needed. Now I guess huge amounts of the game could be build right inside sparcle, with just a C# backend. Oh, and fyi: C# is much much easier to code than C++. So don't worry.