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  • Joe Duffy, Huseyin Yildiz, Daan Leijen, Stephen Toub - Parallel Extensions: Inside the Task Parallel

    He guys, great show. Thanks.

    One suggestion though: the fibonachi function is not really the best example for parallel computations. The fibonachi is a  typical sequential funtion: F(n) depends on all F(m) m<n and the fastest way to compute is function is to start at F(0) and then calculate F(1), F(2) etc. This can be done in O(n).

    The "parallel" example that was given in the show is O(n^2).

    A parallel implementation will always be slower than a smart sequential implementation. (this is a challenge Wink

    I will start using the TPL on an HPC academic project and will share my findings if applicable.

    Kind regards,
    Martijn Kaag