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martinesmann martinesmann

Niner since 2009

I'm a dedicated and passionate developer with a deep focus on Microsoft Technologies like .NET. I have developed various solutions ranging from enterprise expense systems to apps for Windows Phone and Windows Store... actually I have worked with so many technologies and crazy projects that the only thing really missing on my CV is coding something that can fly! And getting that on my CV is something I'm looking very much forward to.
With the role as Technical Evangelist in Microsoft I have also been speaker at many conferences both Microsoft and non-Microsoft events, given guest lectures at universities on topics ranging from apps development to compiler implementations and F#.
I have also been a blogger on computerworld.dk and version2.dk as well as various personal blog sites.

  • Cross Platform Mobile Development in C# with Xamarin by Bryan Costanich
  • MDCC TechTalk - Fun with type functions
  • MDCC TechTalk - Classes, Jim, but not as we know them
  • TechTalk - Research in Software Engineering
  • CloudTalk: Architecting Software for the Cloud
  • Extreme Scaling with SQL Azure
  • MDCC TechTalk - Advanced .NET Debugging (part 2)
  • MDCC TechTalk - Advanced .NET Debugging (part 1)
  • TechTalk - RESTful Application Protocols, From Design to Implementation
  • TechTalk - NUI - What’s in a Name?

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