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  • Ping 212: Cortana in Canada, NASAs new ride, Charging trousers, Home automation ventures, and Xbox July update!

    As I would believe those pants would most likely fry my nuts, I'm more than happy to have a charging pad for my phone while I sleep. Otherwise it would be nice to have for my laptop if I don't get my hands fried :)

  • Ping 211: Everything from E3, the World Cup is here, Twitter on Xbox TV, New Skype, and What's in your cup

    I don't really get why Skype has to force the Metro UI on an iOS app. In order to do that, they have to write an additional layer for the UI code (which then is a source to bugs) which is in many ways reinventing something that already exists. Another aspect is that users gets so confused when they get a design-language that does not fit in with the rest of the system. Personally I think that the Modern UI looks kinda cool in the Skype app, but I'm thinking of users who have a hard time with technology and needs to spend a lot of time on understanding new things. And in the end, you end up with a new design which is most likely to be more buggy than the "native" one and the only people who would like the new design is people that actually likes Modern UI. I would also believe that the app would get even faster if they dropped all the animations in the app. But in the end, I'm just happy that it crashes less, it feels a bit faster, but the app still crashes when I have a few messages to sync.

    When it comes E3, totally Halo. I wonder if there will ever come a remake of ODST and Reach, as Halo Reach was the game that really got me into playing Halo. I'm not really a soccer fan, but I don't really see any reason why I shouldn't support the Germans :)

  • Converting a large codebase to Hack

    "PHP is a good technology and we have been very successfully with it", that pretty much sums up everything for me. And how it started, yes, people need to learn how to MVC in PHP if they want to create anything decent. 
    Every programmer agree that PHP is a horrible computer language. It is not even a programming language - it is a scripting language. Even though PHP is pretty widely used, one would think there are integrated template systems in the PHP libraries that ships with the PHP interpretor, no there is not. Neither are there any good designs or security mechanisms to avoid cross site scripting and other kinds of injection attacks. The language lacks clear and good documentation and the documentation and function parameters are often ambiguous. To me, PHP seems like an ugly, hairy ball that everyone has to use because it is just easy to use. But the more you use it, the more bugs you get. So you refer to a variable that doesn't exist because of a typo? Oops. Have fun debugging that. 

  • Ping 210: Bing is five, Kinect v2, Computex hardware, Skype translator and Forza Horizon 2!

    Microsoft Speech Recognition, Google Translate, Bing Translate
    Why would real-time translation ever be so hard?
    Is syncing ten messages on my phone without crashing or lagging really that hard?

    Honestly though, I am not really "blown off the chair" by the real-time translation because we basically had the technology for doing this for a very long time. Someone can just write an app that takes a parsed input of text from Speech Recognition and put it forward to either Bing or Google Translate. Whether any of those have a neural-network for translating is another thing. But I am just curious, why is it so hard to make a Skype app for my phone that doesn't lag or crash when a handful of messages are synced to my phone?

  • Ping 207: 1TB for OneDrive Pro; Reading List on WP8.1; ET rises; a Steal; and Swarm

    I don't usually check in, I once did it through the Facebook app on my phone but I don't really see why I should do it to be honest. 

    It is a huge discussion around this big data thing, but I think the services around us gathers way more data than we are aware of. I don't exactly think it is a healthy thing as these services would eventually know us better than how we know ourselves. I was watching Mythbusters on Discovery Channel this weekend while an ad for Windows Azure came up. For a second I thought my PC was plugged in as almost every add I see is IT/cloud-related on my PC. Nope, same ad was sent to every viewer. Had a familiar experience on the local radio one time and thought it was some big-data thing as well.

  • Ping 206: Rick is Back, Nokia is here, Funding for OpenSSL, Creating the Cleanroom, and more Peggle!

    I have a lecturer in operating systems class that always complains about how chalk and blackboards are impractical and "out-of-date". Although I agree, what would be really cool would be to have a gigantic touch screen display that does not reflect sunlight. Screen technology could be improved a lot and would make great changes to the education sector. I'm still waiting for touch paper with e-ink to revolutionize our every-day life. Sitting with a laptop during a lecture taking notes in OneNote that glows into my eyes isn't exactly comfortable.

    Speaking of OneNote, I would love to see more people use OneNote. So many people use Notepad or MSWord to take notes when they even have OneNote installed on their machine! Many technies I talk to doesn't even know what OneNote is so I believe Microsoft has a lot to gain on this through marketing. 

    But other than me dreaming, what would be really cool (for the smaller kids) is to see computers with software that is actually up to date. The amount of shared computers running outdated software like IE8 is too damn high. 

    And you guys knew you had a Facebook page as well? :)

  • Inside .NET Native

    Imagine when this applies to any .NET code in general. Then the Java kids can't just say "Java bytecode runs about as fast as native code" when .NET code gets compiled to native code :D 

    This is amazing work! Imagine the performance increase and no more obfuscation of code, why hasn't anyone thought of this earlier?

  • Happy Anniversary Channel 9, From Satya

    Happy birthday ch9! :D

  • Ping 202: Office for iPad, Source code for DOS, .Net Google APIs, Build and Nokia, No more cheating in Titanfall

    I believe what happens in my editor, stays in my editor ;)

    I think publishing the source for MS-DOS was a great idea and I hope this is a trend that will continue. Maybe we will sit on the Windows 8 source in about 50 years or so? :)

  • Ping 201: Leslie Lamport gets a Turing; OneNote Free and Everywhere; Sniping Zombies; Office Lens App; Age of Ascent

    Great show! I think MS needs to do more marketing around OneNote, I still see people take notes in Notepad in school while we have always been able to get OneNote for free through programs like DreamSpark.

  • Ping 200: The Show 200 Spectacular!

    Woah! How did I miss this show?! Love the outtakes :D Damn, 100 episodes is about two years, it's been great to be with Ping to see how it has been growing and evolving since when I started watching Ping around episode 50 or so. Good luck making it to episode 300! :D

  • Ping 196: Robocop and Search with Bing, AMA Bill Gates, FAA, Nokia Icon and Wearable Skirt

    , dtower wrote

    Good show as always but #misslaurafoy


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