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IC Consultent in Germany. Grew up in Edmonton, Canada. Computing Sciences degree. Primary field of work - automation in print publications (Content Management Systems, Cross Media Publications. That sort of stuff.) Fortunately I don't have to program on Windows anymore. When I code, I code Xcode. It seems like I can invest 80% of the time in features. On Windows (FoxPro, .Net) I spent 80% testing on various systems trying to get things to run.


  • Jerry Dunietz - XML Paper ​Specificati​on

    Could it be, that the MS Download servers act  with a slight bias. I'm downloading the video on my Mac using Safari. I'm getting 3kB. So I soptted the DL. When I fire up the good ol Connectix VirutalPC running W2k I get an astonishing 230kB. Stopping it and going back to Safari gets me the old 3kB. What's the deal here? I noticed that on the last 2 videos I DL'ed as well. (The Ken Levy foxPro and on route to steves office)
  • Ken Levy - Showing off his gadgets

    I guess pressure inside MS is building. On Scobles last video they even chatted it up about the iPod on his desk. All loyalties aside, it seems funny for him to trade it in to an inferior product. A friend of mine has one to test (he writes for a tech-paper) and it's a lot like the rest of them. Small, color screen but not really usable. But it is WM10 compliant Wink