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Matthias Shapiro

Niner since 2009

Windows Phone technical evangelist, blogger, author, app developer, information visualist... no, um, visualizer? Visualizationer? I make purty charts.

  • Microsoft DevRadio: (Part 1) Building for Both Windows Phone & Windows 8 - Overview
  • IWP65 | Localization Made Easy with Multilingual App Tookit
  • IWP 64 | Rate My App
  • IWP63 | Easily Adding Auth and Push to your WP App with Windows Azure Mobile Services
  • IWP 61 | Building for Windows Phone and Windows 8 - The Basics
  • IWP60 | More on Imaging Scenario Resources for WP Developers
  • IWP 59 | Nokia Imaging SDK on Windows Phone
  • IWP 58 | Put the Standard Animations in your App
  • IWP 57 | Location and Mapping for Windows Phone 8
  • Practical MVVM For Windows Phone

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