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Martin Ennemoser mawcc Make it so
  • John Merrill – First Look at Exchange 12

    I think he said OWA for Exchange 2000, not 2003. I remember it was already quite good, and that was waaaay before everybody started talking about AJAX.
  • Carolyn Napier and Tyler Robinson (MSI team) - Installing apps in Windows Vista

    buggy123 wrote:
    If this Restart Manager functionality is taken up, it could potentially mean that Windows could gain the feature that Gnome and other Linux window managers currently have that lets you save the whole desktop state across reboots. Basically, upon shutdown you use the Restart Manager interfaces to persist the state of all running processes, which is restored when you log in again after the computer comes back up. This would be cool, and it seems a shame to relegate the functionality to being part of the Windows Installer component rather than a wider Windows metaphor.


    But isn't that already available in Windows, called Hiberation?
  • Bill Staples - An hour discovering IIS 7

    What I find interesting is the Microsoft's journey from decentralized, text-based configuration files (INI-Files) to centralized, binary configuration files (Registry, Metabase) back to decentralized, text-based config files (app.config, web.config).

    One thing I always loved about UNIX is the degree of control you can have over your system by just using a text editor. No RegEdit or IIS console.

    Good to see MS changing it's mind on this issue and returning to text file based configuration. Even better that they are using XML files. One thing I hate about UNIX is the myriad of different file formats you have to remember. Editors with schema-based Intellisense will make editing these files a breeze. Hint: This would be a great new feature for Notepad in Vista.