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  • Understand Design from Code with Code Maps


    when mentioning the evolution of Codemaps and it's history in the different Visual Studio versions, you neglect to mention the imho most important part: that it's only available in the ultimate editions AFAIK. Please correct me if I am wrong, as neither the video nor the description holds this info.

    I would argue, that most developers are not fortunate enough to own an ultimate edition of VS and therefore can't use this (albeit cool looking) feature.

    Maybe you could update at least the info text accordingly and save those of us who only have the pro, community or express editions some time.

    Take care,

  • What's New In C# 6.0

    Great update, great presentation, very succinct!

    The null conditional operator is _exactly_ what was needed, that was a major pain point in the language and will be a great productivity boost.

    Using lambdas for single line methods or poperties, does not seem too useful to me, as I tend to write them in one line as well anyway by just moving the curly braces up. 2 curly braces vs. the lambda arrow saves you only the "return" statement - not a lot of overhead.

    The inlining of the string format arguments is a nice one - you lose the ability to easily repeat arguments, but I can't even remember the last time I needed that and it gets rid of those StringFormatExceptions that you only notice at runtime if you happen to forget a parameter, so that's a very good trade imho.

    I disagree strongly with all opponents of change, first: one cannot stop progress, if the language is not kept up to date, every smart person or anyone concerned about productivity will switch to other languages that do. Trying to cater to the slowest learner will get you stuck with those and keep the smarter ones at bay.

    Even if you don't agree, consider this: adding lambdas to the language was a way bigger change and I can remember the lamentation back then - but where are they now?

    Take care,

  • Anders Hejlsberg Q&A: TypeScript, C#, Roslyn, and More

    Thanks for the update, good to know Roslyn is coming along, looking forward to that!

  • Writing modern C++ code: how C++ has evolved over the years

    Great presentation!

  • Anders Hejlsberg: Questions and Answers

    First of all, thank you Charles for interviewing Anders! (I know you prefer talking about native code, hehe)

    As CaaS will have a tremendous impact in many peoples productivity (I bet it will be _the_ killer feature), any updates about roslyn are highly appreciated!

    As a sidenote: When Anders talked about the time he worked on visual programming and small demos that work, but real world stuff that drowns in its own complexity, it reminded me of a project I worked on when the workflow foundation just came out and in a fit of the latest and greatest it got used for all the wrong reasons. Argh - just remembering the agonizing slow designer when it tried to popluate the screen with an 'if' and a 'while' loop makes my head hurt. Never again - to steal Anders words: I've come to peace with code.

  • DevCamp 2010 Keynote - Rx: Curing your asynchronous programming blues

    Thanks for the long explanation!

    Glad to see they are complementary, considering the past ways for async operations I was kind of worried.

    I wouldn't have seen ; : linq = Task : Rx if it poked me in the eye - but it makes perfectly sense!

    Thanks again!

  • DevCamp 2010 Keynote - Rx: Curing your asynchronous programming blues

    Great Presentation! Best Rx material I've seen yet. Now I can make sense of the Rx Design Guidelines.pdf.

    Since async/await is in ctp, I am using a combination Task.FromAsync() and Unwrap() to handle composition of async operations. Now, Rx looks to me like good tool for observing a "stream of Tasks".

    Could you elaborate if and how Rx and Task<T> fit together, especially with the Async Ctp? On the first look, there seem to be similarities between the two.


  • E2E: Concurrent Programming with Revisions

    Thank you for the cast Charles, very interesting stuff Smiley

    E2E with Erik is a must see, as he really maxes out the interview (so much for performance tuning!)

  • MEF & Silverlight 4 Beta - Part 2, Imports & Exports

    Wow, kudos to you! Best screencast I've seen yet.


    FYI: I am new to MEF but I've read some articles about IoC/DI in general and your screencast is right on target, I can't think of a thing to improve it. I am looking forward to watching your other vids seeing what other cool stuff MEF can do!