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  • Windows Mobile 6.0 Things and Stuff

    littleguru wrote:
    Chadk wrote: That expense program is cool!

    I would also like to kiss this little device Great stuff! Is the source somewhere available? Is this speech recognition thing also coming to the phone or is it only for the "larger" devices? I'm wondering, because in the video another device than the phone is used!

    Unfortunately the source isn't available because the speech libraries themselves aren't publicly available yet. From a programming perspective, the code is very simple - just like using any other managed classes from C# or VB.NET.

    Even though we don't have anything that developers can start playing with right now, I assure you that speech is a very important piece of our mobile strategy. Take a look at this story about some cool things we're doing with TellMe (a recent MSFT aquisition):

    Developers will see great speech support they can leverage in their mobile applications soon. Thanks for your patience.

  • Windows Mobile 6.0 Things and Stuff

    littleguru wrote:
    Is the Excalibur + Windows Mobile 6.0 already available? I have looked at different vendors and they seem only to sell it with Windows Mobile 5.0.

    Windows Mobile 6 devices aren't available from T-mobile at this time, but they will be available very soon. I've heard the Dash (HTC Excalibur) will be end-user upgradable to Windows Mobile 6 soon. See http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/cellphones/tmobile-dash-upgradeable-to-windows-mobile-6-237056.php .

  • Windows Mobile 6.0 Things and Stuff

    erik_ wrote:

    Can the voice application not run on the s620 smartphone, because of low processor speed? Or was it just installed not installed on that smartphone yet, but could run on it.

    Hi Erik:
    It just wasn't installed on the Smartphone at that point in the demo, but it works fine all devices. In general you can assume that pretty much anything we do these days is for all Windows Mobile devices -the differences between Pocket PC and Smartphone are going away, to result in a single Windows Mobile platform for developers.

  • Kintan Brahmbhatt - RTC Server Office Communication

    Awesome video, Kintan!
    Your passion and knowledge are amazing. C9 visitors: this video is proof that MS hires the best and brightest.