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  • PivotViewer Silverlight Control API Overview

    @Ben: Did you get the source code of the demo? I wanted to have a look at the ContentFrame sample...

  • Real-world WPF: Introduction to Blend (Part4)

    Great Tutorial!
    I've seen a strange behaviour though for which I cannot find a reason...
    I'm using another set of images and I'm resizing the Image element in the ItemTemplate of the Listbox.
    When I create the VisualBrush, it looks rescaled to some weird values.
    I have the same strange behaviour if I leave the Image size in the ItemTemplate of the listbox to Auto and then resize the ListBox itself.
    If I leave both the Image in the ItemTemplate and the ListBox sizes to Auto, then everything works as in your video...

    Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?