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  • 10 MorphX tricks in 10 minutes

    Can you let me know the link that fails for you?  Can you stream other Channel 9 screencasts?

    I've just tried them all; and they do work for me - and by the comments I can see others got it to work too.

  • 10 MorphX tricks in 10 minutes

    The video is available in different resolutions. The best resolution is "Screencast" which is 1280x768 and 2MBPS, here you should be able to read the X++ code.

    Here is the direct link:

  • 10 MorphX tricks in 10 minutes

    The media issue has been resolved.

  • Version control in MorphX

    The version control system can be fully controlled from X++. In fact the kernel has no knowledge about which provider is used (VSS, TFS or MorphX).

    In the AOT you will find the VersionControl class, it has methods like checkin, checkout, undoCheckout. These can be customized like you normally do in MorphX.

    The documentation for this class on MSDN will (eventually) be available here:
  • Version control in MorphX

    You are very welcome.

    With regards to multiple check-out nothing new is added in 5.0. VSS in 4.0 already supports this, if you enable it in the VSS Admin tool. The way it works is that the version control backend will automatically attempt to merge the files. In most cases it succeeds and both check-ins succeed. In cases where the exact same lines has been modified the last check-in is rejected. The developer then has to resolve the conflict manually, and check-in again.

    Keeping track of versions across installation can be difficult. Even more so if you use XPO files as a way of deploying. I strongly recommend only using AOD files. In combination with a VCS it requires a build step. In the next update of the documentation on MSDN we will release a documentation on how to setup an automated build procedure. Using an AOD file you can stamp each version with a build number, and you can label (VSS term) your VCS files with the build number. Then you know what you got at all times, in every environment.

    Regarding IDs, *sigh*, we know. What I can promise is we will address this in the very near future after 5.0. If we don't Microsoft will be out-of-IDs very shortly. Wink If the solution will be GUID based or not is still not decided. The other obvious alternative is NAME based - like .NET and C#.