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  • Ping 48: Windows Phone 7, Bill Gates, Hayden Planeterium, Norwegian Google Prank

    fyi, Norway (Norwegians) != Netherlands (Dutch)

  • WhoIs: Thomas Gruver - The Man Behind Microsoft's Office of the Future

    Agree, love the format of this interview! Do more please!

  • Help Desk - Pilot Episode (Now Available On Demand)

    Please do the next one in early morning hours PST (i.e. 9am), this would still fall within business hours for both EST and GMT. Thanks! Eagerly awaiting the replay...


  • Ping 43: CES, God Mode in Win 7, New Years Resolutions, MIX10

    just to point out, google shows 500k hits for "konami code" and > 25m for "contra code". bing shows 1.7m vs 3.5m. seriously, has anyone who is calling it "konami code" ever actually played contra or used it?


  • MEF & Silverlight 4 Beta - Part 2, Imports & Exports

    Hi guys,


    I'm brand new to MEF and just saw these first two videos.


    First, Mike - awesome videos - I agree with everyone else here, yours is an example for all other tutorials on channel9 to follow!


    Second, in response to the comments about whether a noob could follow this at all: I am definitely a noob to MEF, having never heard of it until I came across these videos. However, I'm not a junior developer at all, and I also have a good deal of experience with other Dependency Injection / Container frameworks. Currently in my projects I'm using Autofaq.


    So, I've had no trouble following any of the concepts presented so far, even though its the first time I'm seeing MEF, and I've also just barely scratched the surface of Silverlight and VS2010 also. As I'm watching, I'm comparing to Autofaq and other frameworks to get a sense of how MEF offers similar features.


    But I would agree, anyone completely new to both MEF and DI/IOC would probably be a bit lost, not because MEF is particularly hard to use (it's not) but because DI/IOC are pretty tough for developers to get to grips with at first, and there's really no easy way to just "dive right in" with someone who is still thinking in terms of passing dependencies around.


    So far I really like what I see, but admittedly the controversy is going to come out as we get to the more advanced concepts. Looking forward to continuing on though, and I'm already considering how I could go about ripping out Autofaq and replacing it with MEF in my current project.


    I do have one question though: watching these videos, and also reading through some of the content on the MEF homepage, I don't really see any mention of DI/IOC as concepts, and while most DI frameworks seem to use more or less the same terminology (Containers, Singletons, Prototypes, etc.), MEF seems to have invented a completely new set of terminology for what appear to be all the same concepts. I am still new to this, but so far my conclusion is that either (1) the developers of MEF have no idea that they are reinventing the wheel (but potentially much better); or (2) this is the intention, but all of the theoretical stuff has been purposefully left out in the videos and in the content, to avoid further confusing noobs; or (3) I'm completely misunderstanding things, and MEF is not intended to have anything to do with DI/IOC? Please enlighten me!