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  • Metro style apps using HTML5 from start to finish

    So... now that I've painstaikingly written my own canvas.js file, any chance of getting that tile.js file used at the end?...  I would copy it from the paused presentation but some of the lines of code go beyond the edge of the screen.

  • Metro style apps using HTML5 from start to finish

    @reply to comment:Agreed, very frustrating...  especially when the entire session beyond <h1>Hello World</h1> requires and builds upon whatever magic he's got going on in his canvas.js file.  He started off the talk stating that this session would bridge the gap between the high-level concepts in the keynote and the deeper thechnical concepts of the other sessions, and that "we'd be writing a lot of code"...  I thought, "Great!... I can pause the video, and write along side so I can digest what's going on."  But as it turns out, he was the only one writing code, and I just sat there semi-lost...  not cool.