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  • Build Amazing Apps with Fluent Design

    @pag3rd: It appears that this (what you pointed to) is not the 'XAML Controls Gallery' app as represented in the session video - with Acrylic, ParallaxView, NavigationView, etc.

    What you pointed to is the older existing App UI Basics (XAML Controls and Layout) Sample app from the Windows Universal Samples collection. It does not appear to have any Fluent Design stuff...

    **** So I ask again (can a Microsoft person please answer definitively): When and where can we get the 'XAML Controls Gallery' app (with all the Fluent Design stuff) as pictured and spoken of in this session video from 58:30 through 58:52?

  • .NET Overview

    "There should be nothing you cannot build with .net" - Scott Hunter
    What about one of the most dynamic areas of functionality of our day - *client-side web*?

    Any thoughts of shimming .net core over typescript, or maybe even wasm?

    Like moonbrain and many others, I too 'want to believe'...



  • Design: Real World Design and Development to Accelerate Your Universal Windows App

    Lynette and Rob did a session at build a year ago ("Designing and Developing the Ultimate Windows App Experience"), which was similarly built around a 'Media App Sample' they indicated would soon be made available. The app looked similar to what Rob showed here.
    Per comments on the Channel 9 page for that session, as of August that sample was apparently not yet available.

    Having this level of sample apps would be so helpful. 
    Was the media app highlighted a year ago ever actually made available? 
    How soon can we reasonably expect the two samples used in this session be made available?

  • Designing Universal Windows Apps: Creating Beautiful and Engaging Experiences on Windows 10

    Where can we download the "Showcase UWP App Sample" Jonathan references from 6:00 through 8:00?