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  • Windows Vista Localization and ​Globabiliza​tion: Meet the team

    Minh wrote:
    This video was brought to you by the Vietnamese


    A most morally-loose character.
    How does one judge the moral fiber of a Unicode character? Smiley
  • Windows Vista Localization and ​Globabiliza​tion: Meet the team

    Note for the record that I am not actually a "two-timer", despite Robert's suggestion that this phrase be used for people who have been in more than one video (previous one here).

  • Michael Kaplan - Bringing Windows Vista to ​Internation​al markets

    drloc wrote:
    Dear Michael, Can ya plz tell ma about Urdu Language Support in Vista and Vista Urdu Localizationz.......... THankz 
    Hey drloc!

    Sorry for the delay there. But see this post on my blog for info on the XP LIP for Urdu, which is a first step!
  • Michael Kaplan - Bringing Windows Vista to ​Internation​al markets

    bonk wrote:
    So did I understand it right, that when I buy my german Windows Vista at my local store I will get all the other different localizations right with it on the DVD ? So I can switch the whole UI and everything that is related to that culture to Latvian, Mongolian or whatever? If so, does that mean that the only real difference between an USA Windows Vista and a German Windows Vista is the carton around it ?
    I am asking because, we could then test our localized applications, without having tons of different windows installations on our testmachines.
    Hi Bonk,

    The exact SKU packaging has not yet been announced, so it is unclear exactly what it will look like. Though it is unlikely that every single UI language will ship in the one releaze, for several reasons, such as:

    * not all of them are done and ready at the same time.
    * customers who do not want all languages will want a "cheaper" version without all languages bundled (this happens now with Proofing Tools)

    But the truth is that the architecture now supports the idea of packages that can be installed to add languages easily, and there are several targeted SKUs that many OEMs will want for multgilingual locations like Canada and Switzerland, and several other scenarios are being considered as the SKU decisions are being made....

    For developers, the traditional mechanism for such things has been MSDN, so they are a good place to keep an eye on for future plans in this area.
  • Michael Kaplan - Bringing Windows Vista to ​Internation​al markets

    Maurits wrote:
    Yes, there is a Fijian language

    Chording system... I want this!  But I thought the keyboard interface was limited to a certain number of simultaneously pressed keys?
    Yes, keyboard layouts that can be produced are limited to four UTF-16 codepoints

    But don't tell everyone bout Fijian, or I won't ever be able get that research trip comp' d! Smiley
  • Michael Kaplan - Bringing Windows Vista to ​Internation​al markets

    Hi LibyanGuy,

    You can take a look at https://blogs.msdn.com/michkap/508595.aspx where I have tried to give an answer to the question thats that you have posted. We'll see what  can happen here....
  • Michael Kaplan - Bringing Windows Vista to ​Internation​al markets

    JillianLang wrote:
    Who is that on your shirt, Michael?
    Hi Jillian,

    Long time no talk!

    You know perfectly well who is on the shirt since you and I both saw her at a show several years back -- she was opening for the Kinks in Boston, I believe? And you said you had a nice time, to boot!

    For everyone else, it was Aimee Mann on the shirt. My shirts are at this point divided evenly between singer/songwriters and US intelligence agencies; the shirt I was wearing that day fell into the former category, obviously!
  • Michael Kaplan - Bringing Windows Vista to ​Internation​al markets

    michkap wrote:
    As for the name, that is a different story and has nothing to do with the U.N. or the US or the 100 countries. Like I said, maybe I will cover it in the blog some day. Smiley
    Ok, it is now covered (as much as I really can!) right here.

    You can actually compare the LOCALE_SENGLANGUAGE to the LOCALE_SNATIVELANGNAME to see what I mean....
  • Michael Kaplan - Bringing Windows Vista to ​Internation​al markets

    bonk wrote:
    Is there any way we can get hold of the the .NET 2.0 sample application sourcecode shown first in that video (the one that listed all the cultures). It seems a good app to get to know .NET globalisation.
    Ah, the Culture Explorer that Francois Liger wrote is indeed an excellent sample for viewing locale data!

    The original one is a GotDotNet sample that was posted some time ago in both VB.Net and C# forms. It is still there, in fact.

    The one that better supports 2.0 (based on the one I demo'ed in the video) will be available shortly; Francois is working on it and promises it will be done soon. I will post about it in my blog when it happens.
  • Michael Kaplan - Bringing Windows Vista to ​Internation​al markets

    Gianakopoulos wrote:

    Very interesting. I have a doubt about globalization: How does Microsoft choose the languages a beta product as Windows Vista will be shipped? I heard Vista Beta 2 will be in German and Japanese. How have these languages been chosen?
    The initial languages are pilot languages, ones that are done early to find localizability issues. This is actually an excellent topic, one that I will put on my list for a future blog post to try to give more detail....
  • Michael Kaplan - Bringing Windows Vista to ​Internation​al markets

    Ah, you aren't missing anything. Smiley

    If you are using UTF-16 (which for the most part Microsoft does) then for beyond U+FFFF, you use the surrogate pair mechanism.

    I have a big blog entry on this here that tries to explain a whole bunch about it....

  • Michael Kaplan - Bringing Windows Vista to ​Internation​al markets

    MarkPerris wrote:
    Great video, anything that opens Windows Vista up to new users can only be a good thing.
    Thanks! And yes, I agree completely....

    MarkPerris wrote:
    Do you do any work on the IME side of things? I do a lot of Japanese work on mine, and any updated would be a great.
    I do not work on IMEs myself. But I can say a lot of work has happened there to move them out of the legacy IMM model and into the more flexible and easier to create TSF model. I'll probably blog on this more in the future, especially after Beta 2 is out.

    MarkPerris wrote:
    Also, what about the mysterious ScrLk, SysRq, Break and Pause keys? what do they do under Vista, now that we no longer live in the world of ANSI TTYs?.
    They don't do anything mysteriously new or anything like that....

    MarkPerris wrote:
    Finally, i have often wondered what the difference in localisations wwre between en-US and en-UK, aside from dates and times?
    I think you mean en-GB (en-UK would mean English (Ukraine), after all!).

    There is not nearly as much difference as there ought to be, in my opinion. If you ask me there should be a separate localization if for no other reason than to make sure the localisation of English is appropriate to the market. The locale support is there, but the actual UI of Windows could definitely do better....
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