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  • Introduction to XAML

    Tim, got the demo finally working. The MediaElement seems to be picky when it comes to the graphic hardware - i tried a handfull graphics card and finally got it working on a Radeon 9800 pro.

    Interestingly the card is only working on real Intel 32bit hardware and in combination with WinXP SP2. Intel32+Vista, AMD64+Vista64, AMD64+Vista32, AMD64+WinXP are not working with the same card. Surprisingly a real old S3 SavageDDR chip was at least able to play audio files - but no video (damn, no testing on my notebook).

    Anyway, my ultimate goal was to get the stuff working in a Avalon Express Application. I can create, compile and run the Avalon Express C# template. Also adding a button to Pag1e.xaml works. But as soon as i add a MediaElement (even without source attribute) the PresentationHost crashes on startup.

    Any idea? Creating those stuff as an Express Application would be really cool to create a web based Avalon Test Server (people could modifiy XAML files and when they open the test url, the server compiles the project and delivers the exe inside the browser).

    Oh, and is there a way to interact with the presentation host via JScript? e.g. recieving events or user input from a "normal" html based website?
  • Introduction to XAML

    Just tried to recreate the stuff done in the clip and it works great for the button part, but i can't get the MediaElement to work.

    It simply tells me the specified string for the Source is not valid. I tried to compile a simple sample (http://www.xamlshare.com/default.aspx/Text.Video%20clipped%20with%20text) including a video in Studio 2005. Compiles but throws a "class not registered" error mesaage when trying to access the video at runtime.

    Any ideas an how to fix that? I am using a 64bit system - maybe that is the key? Other examples work ok (blackjack avalon express for example).
  • Stephen Toulouse - How do we protect against phishing attacks?

    Often real world examples are taken to explain how computer problems are working. While this is sometimes a good approach, when speaking about emails and phishing "physical mail rules" just don't apply:

    1. Physical mass mail requires money
    Using physical mail both delivery and the medium (paper) cost an amount money. Emails (especially if send from hijacked mail servers) costs virtually nothing at all. You can reach millions of readers for a few hundred dollars.

    2. Physical mass mail requires b2b contacts
    Even if you are willing to invest in physical mail - you can't put 100.000 letters into the next postbox. You need to set up some kind of business contact with the delivery company to get the job done. They know who you are, they know at least your bank account. Emails can be send more or less anonymously.

    3. Physical mass mail is dumm
    A physical mail is the way it is. It's a piece of printed paper and it doesn't react on the reader. An email can be scripted, it can look up the system language and display text accordingly for example. It can fake it's origin way better than just writing "From: Your mom" on a brown piece of paper.

    4. Physical repsonse costs money and time
    Even if you get a "send back for free" return letter. Someone is going to pay for it (the "phisher") and you need to bring it to a postbox. Filling out a form on a website is fast and free.

    5. Physical mail cant't install malware
    For sure, you can add a cd to the physical mail - but there are the costs again. An email can just take over my entire pc, send mails to all of my friends and so on... A physical mail can contain a bomb - but please don't tell me you believe in "orange alerts" Wink

    6. Physical mail is inspected in more detail
    Since emails don't cost money, you get hundreds of them each and every day. You just investigate physical mail closer because you only get a few each day. When browsing through hundreds of traps the chance is high, you accidently get into one - no matter how good you are educated. To err is human.

    just my 2 cents