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  • Announcing Visual Studio Achievements For Windows Azure

    No VisualStudio 11 support for us Windows 8 developers yet... :/

    Speaking about, Achievements for WinJS would be nice, too!

    Achievements for creating a native component, employing new controls like SemanticZoom and others come to mind Smiley

  • Language Support for Asynchronous Programming

    @AceHack: it is possible to wait for the result of an asynchronous operation in C++ using PPL tasks.

    It may need conversion from IAsyncOperation<> to a Concurrency::task<> and then you can use Concurrency::task<>::get() to comfortably achieve the same thing as await.

    auto classificationOp = runClassification(result->docText, result->lang);
    Platform::String^ classification = classificationTask.get();