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  • The Access Show: Access 2010 demo of Access Services and web databases

    couldn't agree with you more on avoiding Access 2007+

    The interface is horrible for developers. I also stick to Access 2003 and then, when everything works, convert from Access 2007. Even then there are some bugs with 2007 that require special coding (like fields not updating in a timley manner so the user is looking at incorrect information). The ribbon doesn't work with Access, although, having said that, I find it works well with Outlook for our purposes, and VSTO allows us to easily customise, and debug, solutions.

    If VBA could be upgraded to some sort of VBA.net, that would be great. I could get rid of all the API calls in my code.

    T-SQL is amazing with ability to use procedural logic in joins, recursive queries, temporary tables, refer to managed code... Now if Jet could do all that, I'd stop complaining about the ribbon.