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  • Brian Beckman: Don't fear the Monad

    A good paper about monads is actually by Simon Peyton Jones from Microsoft:
    You have to have some Haskell knowledge though..
  • Revisiting WiMo - The Windows Mobile Robot

    Very cool! Your site is great Brain, cool that you actually took the time to put it all together.

    I actually have an old ipaq lying around that I might use for it. (luckily Christmas is still coming up Wink)
  • Windows Vista Remote Assistance: Under the Hood

    I'm also still watching but why don't they use UDP hole punching (or is that what they are describing here)? Skype uses it and it seems to work good (+ it's supported by most of the routers).
  • FASTDash: A Visual Dashboard for Fostering Awareness in Software Teams

    Nice video!

    But what about when you are working on a function and as a reference you just hop to another file to see another functions implementation. I assume it will show up as if you are working on that function while you are only looking at it, I can imagine this could confuse some your co-workers.

    Is it possible to use it over the internet? Lots of activity going on so if it uses allot of bandwidth, and how about security? Because using it in teams with people spread over different locations would be really useful.

    Very cool concept and hope to see it in the next version of VS Smiley.

    (btw, Wish I had a Microsoft Natural MultiMedia Keyboard Wink. I own a Natural Ergonomic 4000, but it's crap as I tend to push the space bar on the right en left top of the key. The space bar will then bend instead of go down. This is so annoying that I now use a Comfort Curve 2000.)
  • VC++ 2005: IDE Tips and Tricks

    I always like ctrl-i (incremental search) as well as ctrl+space. One thing I miss in VS2005 is the ability to ctrl+shift+ left arrow and then only select part of the word (like Eclipse does):

    justAnExample would only select Example and the next tab on the left key would select AnExample. It's also useful with ctrl+backspace as I hardly ever use the backspace one single time, it's usually quicker to delete the entire word and retype it Smiley.
  • Microsoft Robotics Studio

    You missed a ':' in the url Charles.

    Very cool movie! Fun to experiment with on a boring afternoon or something Smiley.
  • VC++: Safe Libraries with Martyn Lovell

    Great interview! I think that C++ will be around for quite some time due to performance "issues" with .NET. I don't mean in business apps but applications like games and apps that use alot of system resources.

    When computers are fast enough that the performance hit of managed code is neglectable (is that the word I'm looking for? Tongue Out) probably most development will change to c# or whatever is available then.
  • Daniel Fernandez (and others) -- Coding for Fun

    The USB wireless security dongle is awesome! These kind of projects inspire me to do (even) more coding myself Wink.

    pontiphex: Great work Big Smile, just ordered mine Wink. btw: The last link in your post is pointing to the froogle search.

  • Ian Dixon (and others) - Microsoft Home in London, UK

    Wow, that is an awesome house! Smiley

    Robert/Ian how was the sound production of all those media centers? I have my pc in my bedroom and it produces a hell of a lot of sound. (and generates alot of heat; it's about 27 degrees (C) now in here with only my pc on and outside being well under 20 degrees :O and about ~22 inside the rest of the house), having that many devices on must do the same I guess or are they using heatpipes or something similar?.

  • Channel 9 Team - Welcome to our new design

    I love the new design Smiley! It's refreshing Tongue Out, so great work adam and charles (and the rest!).

    Love the way I can find videos now! That was a big issue for me on the old site, I could only find the old videos by searching for quite some time and browsing through alot of pages, so tagging is perfect[H].
  • Eric Horvitz - Managing your email better with Outlook Mobile Manager

    Nice app, it always amazes me how these applications are created. (Like how do you analize the emails etc. etc.)
    I think the next version (well kind of a new app) should be just the normal Priorities for windows mobile, because more and more people start having pocketpc's with phones combined like the HP iPAQ hw6500 Mobile Messenger series.
  • Sanaz Ahari and Steve Rider - Start.com

    Wow, that works really well, that will definately be my start page from now on! I like the clean look and Steve and Sanaz have some great AJAX skills Smiley.

    So keep up the good work!
    (Btw a "reset" button would come in handy especialy after some experimenting, it's hard to get it all right again Smiley, in firefox I couldn't set the number of colums anymore after a while.)
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