Blimey! I've just had an epiphany, it was the question 'What question would you expect channel9 to ask...'

Ballmer actually came out with something really intelligent and an insight into what I really agree with and am actually basing my business on. Namely: Integration hooking up applications with other 3rd party applications. How can I connect this to this... How can I interface with that...

That really made sense to me. Sure Windows has granted a level of interoperability which puts technologies like X to shame but it's not nearly what I want.

We work in web design and are dealing with a website with over 600 articles, what's the one thing that we're working on that we feel should be a lot easier? Integration. We're dealing with documents that are still in HTML 4.2 Transitional that contain content and layout with no seperation, Databases which use different packages, a huge Media database and an Outlook powered calendar system. We're charged with the task of putting these together and forming a web solution which will be easy to edit.

If Microsoft are seriously looking at making Windows applications more interoperable with each other, it's the first step to making our job easier, that way the left hand can know more about what the right hand's doing. Ballmer's clearly picked up on this, Microsoft has too, Longhorn is going to look like a serious investment for our clients when the time comes but we're getting excited about it.