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  • MVC 3 – 101

    This is a really informative and interesting video!  I particularly like the brief intro and demo of Scott's favorite package add-ins (e.g. Modernize, Nuget, and especially Glimpse (which is brilliant) as Scott pointed out).

    BTW:  I downloaded the WMV and watched it without problems off-line (and didn't try to view it on-line).

    Suggestion:  It would be VERY helpful to have the links to all references made available in a small text file that could be downloaded.  I'm now re-viewing the whole hour just to pause and write down the links manually (ugh!).

    Thanks again Scott for your great work!


  • Visual Studio Toolbox: LightSwitch Starter Kits

    Wow!  Very impressive product and demo.  Thanks for informing me about what LightSwithch is.

    Of course, now I wonder whether the starter kits include unit tests, logging, and performance analysis code?

    Also, since the starter kits appear to be so well designed to provide a robust code framework, do they also include a documentation starter component?

    Look, you can't just build me a tool without me wondering if it can't even be better.

    I love what you are doing and want to congratulate you all on a really outstanding start on making software development easier and faster (and probably more maintainable).

    Mike Lane