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  • Robert Brown -- New Speech API beta revealed

    Sk4rlath wrote:
    The switchboard demo reminded me. Have any of you Channers activated a product on the phone before? It's an automated system just like that. Being a real geek, I probably think it's way cooler than it actually is, but hey - I got a big kick out of it. Next time you activate, try it over the phone!

     Yes, WAY TOO MANY TIMES. I work with computers a lot, its a passion and a hobby; hopefully a job sometime soon. When i want to re-install windows I DONT WANT TO HAVE TO TALK TO A COMPUTER especially when it has to give me a tech support person that doesnt know what theyre talking about and ask the same questions and the same routine.
      "Hello, thank you for calling microsoft, how may i help you today"
       " Im trying to activate my copy of windows again"
       "Ok very well, we will start by you reading the first six digits from the product ID screen."
       "One moment while i generate a new key. Is this the first time you are activating your product."
       " May I ask why you are reactivating today"
       *in a quite annoyed voice* "Because my windows install has reached its half live, and the WPA said call you"
       "Do you have this version of windows installed on any other computer"
        "Not this copy, not this key, but yes the other computer is using windows xp" *Really annoyed"
       "Ok, very well here is your new instalation Id,  six digits in a box, the cursor is self tabbing, and I will read the digits 3 digits at atime. Place your cursor in box A and tell me when you are ready"
       "Ive been ready since i called"
      *Reads the numbers* "Now press next, now press finish your product is now activated, thank you for calling Microsoft."

    Even if you call and tell them you have done this many times before, they still give u the same speech. WTH.
    For those who like a good laugh
    and first watch TechSupport and then watch TechSupport 2. You will laugh your a** off.
  • The new Outlook Express: Windows Mail demoed

    I was thinking the same thing when they were talking about the individual files. Why not have a SQL DB. It would seem easier. One way would be to have each user have a SqlDB associated with their windows account (even maybe created upon user creation in AD, or user account). Then there IS only one file to backup.
  • Singularity Revisited

    Looking at this OS, it sortta seems like its attempting to go back to the old days with the mainframes. I wasnt alive then (im 19 and a CS student), but i've heard alot.
       I believe that IBM used to have something similar. Remember the old BASIC that was on a chip in the computer. You could buy the computer, but without that chip, it would do nothing. If using singularity as an OS, you were to redesign the hardware, you could do something of the same thing.
       Now, dont get me wrong, I like developing and I think it would be wrong to charge anyone that wants to develop on a machine a lot of money. But its an idea.
       Redesign the BIOS of a machine (probally have to have more than 512 bytes for the BIOS), to do the normal POST, but have it have a CLR in it. This would enable you then to write all of your code in a managed (SAFE) language. This would eliminate the need for any unsafe code in either the kernel or the bootloader.  Yes you would need unsafe code to exist in the heart of the machine for the same reasons you do now, direct hardware access. However, if you have the BIOS able to allocate pages in this safe runtime enviroment, you would not need to have the kernel have unsafe code; same goes for the HAL.
       Then by doing this you would be able to sell a  complete packaged solution, increasing profit as well as end user stability.
       Also, I like the idea of a transactional filesystem and page manager. I was actually thinking of creating that type of system. I was working with that idea when i came across the videos here. I thought it was interesting that I had thought up something and you guys were already trying it.
       Is there any chance of the singularity source being released anytime soon ? Or even Bartok (not so much the source, but the binaries for it). I do beleive there are many open ideas for it, just remember: Dont be greedy if you do a package solution, IBM failed and so will you if you charge too high of a price for development licenses.
      The development licenses that I am speaking of, are not for the compiler, or the tools. You said all code is either "Trusted" or "Verified". Taking that to the next level of "Is this code signed" if so allow it to run, if its not, display a message and dont allow execution. Thats the type of license I'm refering to.
      Oh btw, you guys wouldnt happen to have a job opening for a 19 yr old CS student, whos been programming since 5 would ya ? lol. Figured I'd atleast ask.