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  • Mike Hall - Windows CE and Windows Embedded Lab Tour

    Mike Hall and Channel 9 team,
      This is an awesome video. Are all these products sold in the market? Why are they not so getting publicised?

      Looks like MS is into PC, Media Player, PDA, Smart phones, Sewing machines and even ATMs may be.
     So my questions:
      1) How do I get a job in this group?
      2) What kind of S/w was used to develop this? Win 32 on a Win CE environment. (??)
      3) Looks like once I have a smartphone with bluetooth enabled, the possibilites are just so endless.

     I had worked in Motorola before trying to develop 3G network layers and haven't seen so many cool stuff in cool place since then.

      You stay classy!!

  • The 9 Guys - Who We Are

      I watched several of your videos.
      The feedback I have for you guys is in most of the videos, the guy who asks the question is not always audible. One thing though his laugh resonates even after the video.

      I have recently sent my resume for MS MED group and am waiting. I saw a couple of videos on Windows+Mobile category.

      Is there any video or anything in the pipeline that is being planned to show case the MED group's developments OR projects being worked on?

     The one video where Ori showed/introduced VS team during crunch mode was exciting. The coolest part was the automation testing/download of firmware on all those devices. I do that here as well, but not on that scale. Pretty coool.