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  • Bert Keely - Why does a Tablet PC have three microphones?

    Take a look at the bezel around your M200's screen. You should see on mic hoele at the top (in laptop mode) and two at the bottom. If you have these three holes, you have the tri-mic array.

    YMMV. I've found that it works great in a office setting or when I;'m in my den at home with the TV going or my son chatting on the phone nearby. It cancels all of that background noise out. If the ambient sound is too high, a headset is always going to work better simply due to proximity to your mouth.
  • Bert Keely - Why does a Tablet PC have three microphones?

    Kryptos wrote:
    What model is the tablet? Is it out yet? Are we going to see this in action.

    I have a Toshiba Portege E200, which only has one mic (as far as I'm aware)....

    And the sound it's records, isn't that great.

    We're talking about the Tablet PC model: Portege M200/205. It has the array mikes because voice dictation/recognition is an integral part of the Tablet PC 2005 Edition OS. I'm not aware of other Toshoba models that offer this - perhaps the new media-oriented models do too.
  • Bert Keely - Why does a Tablet PC have three microphones?

    The array is used by all applications. I have found the sound quality blows away any laptop I have used before for applications like Skype as well as the Tablet OS voice dictation. The array acts as a noise canceling system. I also use an Etymotic headset for Skype and I've been told that the sound quality from the array mikes in the Portege is even better than this relatively expensive headset (around $70).
  • Jim Newkirk and Ward Cunningham - What is Extreme Programming?

    We use xp at my company and it has had a profound impact on our ability to meet customer requirements. Using the XP techniques of story meetings, estimates, value, test first, and pair programming in short, focused iterations, we are able, with a relatively small development team, to release regular, predictable, and valued updates to our applications.

    We're currently developing new versions of our five Windows clients and a server product for Windows and six flavors of UNIX.There is no way we could be actively all of these products at a company of our size without XP.
  • Bill Hill - There is only one space after a period

    Depends, actually. When preparing text-only docs with a monospaced font (e.g. Courier), it's still a good idea to use two spaces. Otherwise, one space is the way to go as proportional fonts are designed to use the appropriate amount of space required by each character. (Confession: I'm a recovering graphic designer!)