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  • Singularity IV: Return of the UI

    PowerShell is, well, a shell. It's sits on top of a kernel. The kernel is what communicates with your hardware (via drivers, interrupts, raw CPU instructions, whatnot).

    Singularity is a kernel written in C#, not a shell. Although I can't see why they couldn't use the code from powershell once they have the code in the kernel nailed down and complete.

    Jus go to wikipedia and look up kernel and shell...

  • Singularity IV: Return of the UI


    There are several community managed operating system project around that you can look at:

    JOS: Java based OS. It's on SourceForge.
    SharpOS: C# OS (The one I am working on), the kernel is written 100% in C# (don't flame me before you actually have a look at it). Also hosted on SourceForge. There is also ONE video on YouTube.
    SmallTalk: Has been around for decades. Pick your favourite one.