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  • Omar Shahine - Windows Live Mail

    God I do not know how much feedback I have passed to MS over this, the bits I dislike the most is the stuff on the Today page that says just how wonderfull things are, I hate that. Also I suggested that when providing feedback on the feedback form the 1000 char limit should count down, it just should.

    So I'm gonna take this opportunity to air some suggestions I have like when the pink arrow appears on a mail to indicate I have replied to it, I would like a right click option to go to the mail (if present) in the sent message folder.

    Technology like Webmessenger should be intergrated into Hotmail now.

    Has anyone seen how brilliant is, why does MS not have this as their own - why not just buy the company and use their template to style hotmail, oh and some of that smooth AJAX is whats needed too.

    Other silly things like not being able to trully organise, via drag and drop, of the box panes al la

    Also why not allow multiple search results, as usual if I search for something it just overwrited my last result set

    what about sorting by attachments, I would like access to all my attachments at the click of a button

    I would also like to see a lot more customisation regarding the menu options, buttons like 'cancel' I can do with out, thanks.

    What about when composing an email and how the flashing text cursor starts right against the left hand border, thats anoying, it should be a few pixels in.

    And why will hotmail not remember where I set the windows sizes?

    Check Mail? what on earth, shouldnt this be done automatically?!

    Why not marry up the local mapping service with the information in a contact list, I know this is done in messenger

    --Anyway what has been done is the core features, like drag and drop, ajax, viewing and reading pane, spell check. Its all encouraging, I hope though that some kind of timetable for features is posted so that users can get an idea of when things are going to start rolling.


    Samuel, UK
  • Steve Lombardi - New photography on Virtual Earth

    I know this is an on thread but Google has recently updated to include all of the EU in its mapping. You may say "so what" MS has this since the start.

    Thing is I would like to know, not when the Eagle-Eye feature is going to come the the EU, but when it will start to be included properly into the map.

    I don't mind if all of the US is covered, I just want to see it working properly, seamelss you know. Then include the EU, but do hurry up thanks.

  • IE 7: What's new in Beta 2 Preview

    try installing the 'foxylicious' extension, its replaces bookmarks with your delicious tags, and its linked based - its an excellent combo.

    I have been in contact with the developers of the downThemAll extension trying to get them to insert their 'renaming features' into the meta-data of the file. Currently it will auto insert stuff like the CURL/URL into the file name but windows cannot accept characters like "/" which URL's use so if I wanted to go back to the site I would have to spend a lot of time filling in all the "/", "%" etc...

    They agreed and hopefully will switch to using EXIF/meta-data, but the key is "automation" it should just get all of if for you, a single click can net me 100 images form a webpage (and not just the rubbish thumbnails, but the original big pic), imagine tagging those.

    There is some software that apparently is good at telling backgrounds from people and even peoples faces, its online based and a gig takes about 1h to process of something, some kind of flikr competitor -- but its invite only.

    Anyway, I can see this being implemented into FF way before IE so I say its time to pick-up the pace or let others help.

    Samuel, UK
  • IE 7: What's new in Beta 2 Preview

    I have to say its about time, this whole restricted beta testing things is rediculous. And now I get my hands on it I find there is a whole lot of stuff that I already use with FF. The only noticable thing I liked was the ease of which to create a new tab by clicking on the small box on the toolbar.

    Other wise its really bare, where is the added functionality, where are the extensions?! It's because of these that FF runs rings around this release. What about sync-ing my bookmarks with like I can with FF, what about mouse gesture like dragging a link down to open it in a new tab, PDF stopper to stop pdf links from openening, flash stopper too!!

    You'll have to trawl the top 10 list of extensions for FF to get close to it with IE, But I think you should concentrate on stuff not yet done because right now its so obvious that you've copied everyone.


    1. The handy hover save option of IE6 is gone, I used to miss it but found the extension "downThemall" to be infinately better (it downloads all images from a website with just a single click!),

    2. MS goes on about security, I feel safe with FF and its not in my face.

    3. Other things like bookmarks, I recently found and its wonderful, thier official extension allows full intergration into FF!! I presume windows live is going to copy this somewhat, well I have it now with delicious, so when are you going to get round to doing it?!

    4. Its now 2006 and what of tagging and meta-data in windows Vista! Christ, I've said this time and again, the internet is THE primary source of new material for ones computer and the need for meta-data to organise the ever increasing amount of pictures/music/video... is vital -- which is why it should be tagged at the point of entry. Thus, why when downloading say an image is vital information like the URL, CURL, the actual file name and publisher etc... not inserted into the EXIF meta-data of the file?!! -- come on!

    Personally I'm so content with FF, believe in it so much now that IE could never lure me back, but to see what others will settle for over something like FF is a shame. As I said extensions are key, with FF it never dates and almost any feature can be changed, its so transparent.

    Samuel, UK
  • Piero Sierra (and others) - Microsoft Max

    it doesnt even work I just spent about 1h trying to uninstall this and that to get it to work, why not just make it work with the most recent version of .net, come on

  • Scott Swanson - MSN Messenger APIs

    Seen this, its 3D in messenger, why does messenger not have this?

    Samuel, UK
  • Robert Fripp - Behind the scenes at Windows Vista recording session

    im very tired today, if i had to put up with that during my start up i think i might fall asleep - very unproductive. i will say that the guitar stuff sounds like the us star spangled banner, i.e. quite american.

    I only have one thing to input and that is when recieving an error and clicking it almost instantly, as one tends to do, have the error sfx fade out and not just end quickly, but you probrably already know that.
  • Cleartype Team - Typography in Windows Vista

    Bill 'll ken fe next teime then wanne

    Samuel, UK
  • Michael Kaplan - Bringing Windows Vista to ​Internation​al markets

    But you'd get one if they made it?
  • Michael Kaplan - Bringing Windows Vista to ​Internation​al markets

    I just read those pages, pretty much, its a bit boring (sorry). I'm more interested in just the nice factor of it, you know a k/b with images and they can change etc...

    So what's the conclusion are you pro or anti, I couldn't tell. You must have suggested it to the hardware dpt, what did they think, I did post when there was a video for them but I don't think there was a reply.

    Samuel, UK
  • Michael Kaplan - Bringing Windows Vista to ​Internation​al markets

    Check this, Microsoft make physical Keyboards and you do this stuff in the video, now what about the following - it is from a Russian design group but they need funding, can you please talk to some people to make it a reality thanks!!!

    Samuel, UK
  • Scott Swanson - MSN Messenger APIs

    I don't understand you say there can be no adult content yet on the MSN directories adult content is permitted, with a conditional check, so why not for MSN plug-ins.

    I know a great service, a bit of fun, which would be considdered adult but is pretty much harmless. I am very sure it would be popular but your not going to give them the chance because of this stupid 'safe' idea that MSN Messenger should be.

    So when is it going to be lifted?

    Samuel, UK
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