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moofish moofish Living in Scotland, UK
  • 30boxes calendar

    Dont you feel that 30boxes just flows really well, that kind of beautiful ease is always missing from MS products. I only highlight this because MS has a chance with Viatsa and the Hotmail image refresh to change their perception to the public.

    I don't use google but I tried it when I read about it on downloadsquad, I can only hope that my calendar provider does something similar.

    Samuel, UK

  • 30boxes calendar

    So who thinks that the MSN team should just buy out 30boxes.com and replace their old Hotmail calendar??

  • .PNG's for avatars

    "Thanks for appeasing the monkey.
    I'm fully aware that .png's are being used here...however things like Clipster and a few other features wouldn't exist if they ran around making sure that you could have .png avatars instead of .jpg ones. And for you to assume that they don't have more important things to do is a bit presumptious [sic] isn't it?"

    There you go again, behaving abusively toward others, unprovoked. Butting in and causing problems rather than posting solutions like jamie did, while at the same time digressing into something other than the topic of the thread. YOU clearly are the "monkey" here, not I.

    You also have your facts wrong, there exists not a quotation in this thread that I have written, which can be used to back up your claim that I "assume" the C9 web devs have nothing better to do than what I want. On the contrary I agree the videos are important and appreciate the other features of added value to the C9 site, but do not agree with the double standards regarding PNG's.

    And I am satisfied not necessarily appeased; this because the further manual labour required to correct what 'damage' the C9 conversion process does to the PNG, could be avoided if the site accepted custom PNG's natively.

    I therefore still believe if the standard avatar is a PNG, then users efforts should be accepted in that format also.

    Samuel, UK

    P.S. Thank you jamie for the info and corrected JPG

  • .PNG's for avatars

    This is a good conversion, I am happy to use this. It kind of makes the thread, well superflous, I am not sure where I stand on the issue of PNG's now.

    It would be good to know how the JPG was saved for future reference, thanks anyway.

    Samuel, UK

  • .PNG's for avatars

    "No, I really meant it, I cannot see any JPEG artifacts or blurring unless I look really hard."

    It is not always possible to gage the tone of a comment in haste written format, but judging from your previous style I took it as sarcasm, so I will retract that comment of you behaving obnoxiously. You will also understand from my explanation why I chose that word.

    "My avatar is a modified socialist/communist star, what's the relevance of that?"

    Your avatar has certain meaning in your eyes, but to another, namely I, it is simply and image (emphasis on the simple). Although we all have our political beliefs and models to work toward (or be modelled by), I am solely interested in the visual aspect of your image. Frankly, I don't think much of it or its framing, this I cannot deny, but was provoked into saying such after believing your prior comment to mean something other than what it was.

    "Well... as they say it's all in the eye of the beholder."

    It is a fact! PNG's are less lossy than JPG's. Or Windows Vista Icons would be using JPG's instead of compressed PNG's wouldn't they.

    "Dude your avatar isn't a big deal...honestly it's a nice feature but eh, you can live life without it."

    Speak for yourself, if I am allowed one, and they come in PNG's (standard), then I would like to have this format over JPG. As I stated the standard avatars are PNG's so why is this not extended to those that take the effort to create a personal one.

    "While it would be nice they have other things to work on"

    What do you mean, PNG's are already used. C9 should use a PNG if fed at the point of upload, and if not, then convert anything else to a JPG.

    "You know your avatar looks better as a PNG? That's great, but the realy [sic] quality of C9 comes in the Videos, the content of the postings, and C9Park. Till you contribute to really any of those...I would venture to say STFU."

    My avatar, which is a vector creation, looks better when converted to PNG rather than JPG. I can see the difference and it plays on my mind.

    I understand that the videos are what count on C9, that's why I come here, that's why most do.

    I can tell you right now that I cannot stand those abbreviations and you have no right to tell me to 'shut the f*** up' because that is what you said isn't it. You will notice that I have been a member for a longer period than you and that I have contributed over time to many other videos, so you can shut your f***ing face, "dude".

    Samuel, UK

  • .PNG's for avatars

    "Your avatar looks fine the way it is."

    You seem to be quite an obnoxious poster. I don't want to start anything but a comment like that coming from a guy with an avatar like yours cannot be given much credence.

    I KNOW my avatar would look better as a PNG, and that's that.

  • .PNG's for avatars

    I think I sent an email to robert scoble and it got passed to someone who deals with that stuff, I got a crap reply, so reviewing what I have posted I decided to reply to what others had on the thread I started.

    I dont need to start a petition, if its a good idea then it should just be done. My avatar image would look much better if it were a PNG, otherwise I would't bother.

  • 3D desktop... how long to wait?

    Well I happen to think that sphere3d is a 3d environment, more so that what I saw of that video. I could move around in it, this to me is more freedom, much more realistic than 3d looking windows.

    3d effects slapped on top of 2d designed applications is not 3d enough for me, I want to tuck my folders behind trees and pluck leaves to commence tasks, like using leaves as stikkies for example.

    This is what sphere3d is for me, maybe you are concerned about performance and spreading it over two screens, fair enough, but for me its the exploration of a 3d desktop environment that gets me salivating.

  • 3D desktop... how long to wait?

    Its 4:30 and im not in the mood for this, why does all this stuff have to be so difficult to use, what with all this command stuff. There is not exe to click... I cant even figure out how to use it, maybe some time I'll get a chance to use it but its impossible to work out.

    Well as long as you guys are sure about what you have seen, as for Io2, I have seen a couple of other companies that are in the same field but dont see this being dished out for domestic personal use any time soon, theres too much of a commercial application.

    And like HVD it will not come out before blue ray, even though it could (think sharp 3d monitors)

  • 3D desktop... how long to wait?

    I'm searching but I cant find a link, got one?

    I think I've found it but getting it to work is another thing, I always find this java stuff complicated, I'll get back to you when Ive figured it out and tested it.