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    I want to believe...

  • What's New In C# 6.0

    @Drag Sorenson:Seriously?

    1. Fire anyone that can't read a ?. operator. Those people shouldn't be programmers and they are most certainly doing more harm than good. 

    2.  You don't HAVE to write it that way and I'm sure all the horrible corporate policies out there willl decree that...omg...don't use ?. , it's soooo mysterious, we're going to have to call in the expert Egyptologists to decipher this mystery. Maybe we'll allow it in 10 years after the scientists and mathematicians  thoroughly study this strange and impenetrable new form of Calculus.   It's a GOD DAM Null condition operator!!!!! We're not calculating a moon landing here!!



  • What's New In C# 6.0

    @Turning csharp into perl:That's just silly. You need to understand basic programming to read it. I guess if your brain has been atrophied by laziness then perhaps it's too difficult. 

    Why add anything to a language if the lowest common denominator can't understand it? Goodbye generics and lambda expressions. Let's keep it painfully stupid, am I right?

    It literally takes less than 5 minutes to wrap your mind around this new null check syntax.