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  • Part 15: Implementing Type Converters

    Thanks Bob, all looks good except for in the simulation for 1024 X 768 resolution, where you get about 3 characters on line, you will have the need for the scroll bar on those, but it is not so readable, would be better if we could shrink the left margin or something to give the direction text more room..

    Here's an odd error..  I ran the simulator code ok, ran again I got an error, ran again it code ok, ran again got the error of two runs back.. I thought I saw someone insert a photo, but don't see it..

    well the code page is ItemsDetailPage.xaml.cs

    line # 51  this.DefaultViewModel["Group"] = item.Group;

    Error is NullReference was unhandled by user code

    Weird, I did not get this error until this video, and we weren't playing with the Group in this lesson, also weird it is not every time.

    More info, every time I ran the simulator I closed it, by not only hitting the red square in VS to end the session, but also opposite clicking the simulator in the taskbar and hitting close.. So it was working and not working for run, close, run, close, run, close, run, close..  Now when I leave the simulator running and just end by clicking the little red square in VS, it will work every time...

  • Part 9: Data Binding to the Recipe​DataSource.​cs

    This class has gotten me further then any other I've taken, as most want to show how to bind with hardcoded data and brush over the data file aspect all together, but I too am looking to link up to some kind of SQL DB, don't care if it is SQL compact, SQL express, or sounds like there is now a SQL local..  I have found a piece & part on each, but not the whole enchilada on any..  Which is best (or pros & cons) How to hook up the DB to VS, how to read & update, how to deploy, how to update with changes to DB or without wiping out the users data..  Now with the change to async reading & writing, I fear the mystery will keep mystifying and still no one will tackle it with a training video.

    It would be great for a video on that in LearnVisualStudio, once you are done creating videos for channel 9..

  • Part 1: Series Introduction

    Just for anyone else who might hit this.. I downloaded campinabox, it asked me what I wanted to open the .htm in.. I thought to myself (normally I would do Internet explorer, but seeing we are coding in VS2012, I think I should pick that...  Then I sat for 5 minutes wondering why I got a code data page rather then the website... DuHHH!!!   Go with your instincts and assign it to IE or whatever your preferred browser happens to be..

    Glad I finally found this series Bob..  I saw a portion of it in the LearnVS website, then have been searching for it.. Glad it is a free series as I feared I would need to pay for it, but was willing to (If I ever found it)  as I love your teaching style..