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  • IE 9: Surfing on the GPU with D2D

    This is obviously the wrong place, but is the Internet Explorer team stuck in the year 2003? 


    This video presents all these 'new' features as if IE is on the cutting edge but in reality, IE is years behind almost every other engine. IE is holding back web development, not propelling it forward. When writing almost any type of code for anything online, I always have to have two versions, the standards compliant version and the IE version (And sometimes the IE6 version). 


    Dont get me wrong, it is a good thing that IE is going somewhere, but these improvements are so pitiful compared to what other browsers are doing right now that they hardly even matter. Legacy and monopolization are the only reasons that IE has any market share and, as recent months have proven, more and more users are seeing the truth and choosing other browsers.