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  • Real-world WPF: Introduction to Blend (Part4)


    Shouldn't you have used relative paths instead of absolute paths?
  • Lori Pearce: Six Degrees of Separation from David Hasselhoff

    I've seen a lot of videos at channel9 and I find it incredible how easy it was to gain free access to computers in the US back in the 80s, even if people complain it wasn't. I wasn't even born in 1980 and while studying my way through high school in Portugal, I only managed to see some computers at my school in 1992/3. And even then, access was extremely limited... it was only in 1996/7 that my parents offered me a programming training course (few people had internet access at where I lived), so there I was learning QUICK BASIC!!! in 1997.

    Note to self: blame the parents for not having moved to the US when I was a child ;P.

  • A conversation with Doug Mahugh about his OOXML world tour

    Hi Doug,

    What do you think about the petition that was created online in Portugal so as not to approve the OOXML format. Did you see that in other countries?

    There was also some controversy regarding the number of people in the Portuguese technical commission that approved the format (20), which some considered not to be representative. Would you like to comment?


  • Casey Rayl and Scott McAndrew: Silverlight and Terralever's Zero Gravity

    Running Windows Vista with the latest version of Silverlight. Doesn't work though. There's no keyboard input capabilities. The initial animation works and all, but just can't control the character. Does it have to do with the fact that my keyboard is not USB ?

    Take care.