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  • Parallel Computing Platform: Asynchronous Agents for Native Code

    Hello to all,


    I am asp.net developer (some how beginner level)


    I am  new to agent based programming ,,,m having my final year project ,,,,,"Web Based Collaborative application with event tracking and representation",,e.g: just like Google Docs,,,,


    i hav to build Agents,,,as agents can do  tracking/monitoring/watching on Application when any user trying to edit,delete or create Document for the purpose of sharing ideas ....


    So, what ever action or event(delete ,edit  etc ) user performs on the Shared Document,,,my Agent Record these activities , basically records (datetime, userID(URI),line number of Document)


    So,,my application can provide the Document owner(user) to Track back the changes made by Users(invited) basically want to keep the Metadata ,,,so one can know that at this time and date and this User on certain line number made changes in my document.


    so my question is how can i create such Agents which can monitor activities on Document ,,,need help in Coding (ASP.NET) to create such agent,,,,,as i have never come across agent based programming Sad 


    how can i create MAS (Multi agent system)


    PLz m really in trouble ,,if any one can help me ,,,, Sad 


    thanks to all in advance,

    Regards Salman