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  • The new Outlook Express: Windows Mail demoed

    l0ckergn0me wrote:

    Don't have more than one person in the room at once again. I have no idea what the quiet guy in the corner (with the sunglasses hanging off his collar) was doing there - other than throwing the conversation off track. Just when we were gonna look at more of WHAT CHANGED IN WINDOWS MAIL, someone interrupted the process.

    You really need a part II of this one, Robert.

    Agreed. The 'quiet guy' really made this video a chore to watch. The questions seemed forced and did not bring anything to demo, except a longer download.

    I also hope that you can have a cordless mic for at least the main demo'er. You will still get the adhoc production feel, its just that we can hear the content better without having closeups.

    Other than those gripes, good job Robert.
  • Jeffrey Snover - Monad explained

    this guy is a genius
  • Anders Hejlsberg - What's so great about generics?

    A simple, clear, understandable explanation. I wish he would have taught CS at my college.

    One thing that bothered me: The interviewer kept saying 'yea', 'yep', ect while Anders spoke.
    My advice: just let the Anders answer the question uninterrupted, otherwise it is distracting. I noticed the same thing during the previous museum video

  • Joe Beda - Is Avalon a way to take over the Web?

    I wonder how the proposed 3D graphical desktop will be effected by the interaction of the web through Avalon. Will we be able to write 3D websites to be viewed on the desktop?