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  • 10-4 Episode 38: What's New with WCF4 - Simplified Config

    Great show, Ron

    But I got some concerns..

    For the people who were already  working with WCF this feature is like: great for simple things I don't need to specify anything anymore. If we want to do more advanced things, we will still go for a full fledged web.config.

    For the people who aren't experienced with WCF this feature is like: wow so that's how easy it is to create a WCF service. But if they need to do more advanced things. Will they not miss the basic concept of ABC and all the more advanced options that you can set in WCF? They would still need to go on the web and do searches on these things.


    So it's a great feature, no doubt about it but I think it will mostly be used to quickly setup a simple WCF service.


    Please, correct me if I see this incorrectly.

  • MVVM, a WPF UI Design Pattern

    Why is the quality of this video so poor?


  • - How to secure a Workflow Service in WF4

    Interesting video Ron,


  • Ping 46: iPad, Ballmer & Gates, MS Paint, Office & Olympics

    Really liked the show, first time viewer actually Blushing

    I did like the part on multipoint mice, really good for educational software and things like that

    I was looking for an ebook reader and waited for the IPad to come out, think I'll just go back to my original though, Kindle DX


    Great show, keep it up!


    PS: where can I get a Channel 9 mascot like the ones you were throwing?