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  • Hansel​Minutes on 9 - #1 -

    Enjoyed this video! As it was only 15mins I watched it before starting work... Good way to start the day?!

    I remember Polita from the Blinq video that Charles did. I remember thinking at the time that she looked just like Natalie Portman (Padme)!

    One thing (but not the only) I have always found very interesting about Channel 9 is that it does indeed put a face to the technology that we as developers use everyday. I use the GridView, ObjectDataSource and data binding in general everyday and you can form a picture in your mind that this stuff was developed with a ton of c++ geeks and a grand master plan (okay maybe thats just me who thinks that - I work for a small e-learning solutions company with a handful of developers so I wouldn't know)?! It's refreshing and suprising to see that this stuff is owned and developed by one person (and some collaboration of course). Gives us all hope (or delusions of grandure)?
    Big Smile

    Like Polita alot... an interesting person in her own right but very interesting in that she owns stuff that is so prominent. Scott was really good too (good addition to C9 perhaps?) and obviously it wouldn't be the same without you Rory!

    Polita should start blogging in the vein of Scott Gu and Nikhil Kothari me thinks!

    Job well done.

  • Patterns and Practices - A Team of Thieves

    Enjoyed this very much and I agree Rory it is one of the your best interviews (although I've enjoyed most of them!).

    I was particularly interested to hear how a team of architects, coders, testers and product/program managers work closely together in such a continual way and the benefits that result.

    Really enjoyed this piece and it has convinced me that a more agile development approach can bring real benefits and productivity.

    Keep up the good work!