Great Presentation!
I am watchin git for the second time and coding along through the demo. However,  I am getting an error in the StockAnalyzer type... 

type StockAnalyzer (lprices, days) =

let prices =
        |> snd
        |> Seq.take days
static member GetAnalyzers (tickers,days) = 
    |> loadPrices
    |> (fun prices -> new StockAnalyzer (prices, days))
member s.Return = 
    let lastPrice = prices |> Seq.nth 0
    let startPrice = prices |> Seq.nth (days - 1)    
    lastPrice / startPrice -1.

... the last line is not working ... getting "This value is not a function and cannot be applied" error when mouseover startPrice variable. Any advice for f# newbie? I am running the version of f# with VS  integrated shell.