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  • Gordon Bell - Tour of the Computer History Museum, Part II

    Both videos are a great way to learn about computer history.

    I mean, I took computer history courses and I remember seeing drawings about Craigs and DPDs but seeing them and listening to Gordon talking is a interesting experience.

    Does anybody know if they have computers turned on with their operating systems running?

    There was, there is and there will be so many manufacturers and computers making history in computer industry that I think at some point in time they will have to host the museum in a stadium...

    this whole "retro" thing is making me reminisce about my old ZX Spectrum [C]... I think I'll dig in my back yard to see if I can find it...

  • Gordon Bell - Tour of the Computer History Museum, Part I

    Pretty good material indeed!... thanks for sending the video, I don't think I'll have the opportunity to see the Museum so having a chance to see it that way (a visit guided by its founder) is really appreciated.

    Thanks Again