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mswanson mswanson
  • Looking for Cool Windows Vista Demos

    Have a cool Windows Vista and/or WinFX application that provides clear business or consumer (or both) value? Think it makes sense to highlight in a video? Tight timeline, but check out the details on my blog post.

  • PDC download site down?

    After talking with our vendor, there were some scheduled outages for maintenance and upgrades. They tried to perform these during "down time," but owing to the global developer audience that is accessing the content, no time ends up being ideal.

    Regarding FireFox, I have heard about some compatibility issues, so you might try downloading the sessions directly. If you can't get to the main user interface, try this list: http://blogs.msdn.com/mswanson/articles/pdc05sessiondownloads.aspx

  • PDC download site down?

    Although the site seemed to be responding properly when I checked it this afternoon (and again just now), I am working with our vendor to determine what issues we may be experiencing. When I know more, I'll post an update. Thanks for your patience.

  • PDC05 Session Download Links

    Very strange that it isn't working in IE. We tested it with IE6 and IE7 on both XP, 2003, and Vista. Do you have a unique configuration? Regardless, I'm glad that the list is helpful.

  • PDC05 Session Download Links

    A few people have asked me for direct links to the PDC05 downloadable sessions. So, to make life a little easier, I put a list together that you might find useful.

  • PDC DVDs Have Started Shipping!

    Cybermagellan/keeeron: There are no plans to release anything other than what is already online. So, if you want all of the sessions, you'll either have to download all of them individually (as it sounds like you are already), or you can purchase the DVD set.

    keeron: Regarding the DVD set, yes, the navigation is very similar to what you get by visiting the online version. You can search by keyword, speaker, track, etc.

  • PDC DVDs Have Started Shipping!

    DevilsRejection wrote:
    mswanson: does the website work? i try to get content but it is still buggy for me. using the latest IE6.

    Yes, as far as I know, the site has been working fine (other than the start-up issues we had at launch). At least we haven't received any problem reports. I just tried the site again with IE6 (and IE7 B1), and it works just fine for me. You might want to try clearing out your browser cache.

  • PDC DVDs Have Started Shipping!

    Beer28 wrote:
    If professional television or media people cost that much money. I can only suggest that next year you give a niner or 2 free tickets to the event if they babysit a dv cam on a tripod (have them bring their own) and make sure it's in focus, then let people torrent it legally afterwards.

    Beer28...I wish you could see one of the sessions (sorry they don't work with your configuration). It's not nearly as simple as a video of the presentation. If it were, I would agree that someone with a tripod could probably do something similar.

    As for whether the $499 is a "rip off" or not, I'll leave that up to each individual purchaser.

  • PDC DVDs Have Started Shipping!

    DevilsRejection...to be honest, I had a very similar reaction when I first heard how much the DVD sets would cost. However, since I was responsible for putting together the package, I can tell you that this is a bargain.

    Consider that each session averages around 1.25 hours in length. With 209 sessions, that's about 261.25 hours of total content. At $499, that ends up costing around $1.91 per session of PDC-level content. I'd consider that an absolutely amazing deal.

    Of course, not everyone will want to purchase the physical DVD, which is exactly why we're footing the bill to host the content online for free, for anyone, for six full months. And, due to direct community feedback (like Channel 9), you can download each session individually. So, you can effectively download your own custom list of sessions for no cost at all. Your choice.

    Believe me when I tell you that we've been working full time since the PDC in September to assemble this package for you. Four individual video and audio feeds had to be synchronized for each of the 209 sessions. That's a lot of work.

    In the end, I'd like to think that we've created a balanced palette of options for everyone. Watch online for free. Download sessions for free. Or pay to purchase physical media that will last beyond the six month hosting period.

    As always, however, if you don't agree with our choices, or if you think we can do better, I'm very open to your feedback.

  • PDC05 Videos

    I'm still working with the vendor and the hosting provider to rectify the response issues everyone is seeing. It seems that we're only using a fraction of the available bandwidth, and the streaming server is humming along nicely (which is why you can watch the video just fine once it starts). It's the HTML delivery that appears to be slower than expected.