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mswanson mswanson
  • Movie submissions for PDC05

    I had intended to post the videos yesterday, but I discovered that four of them hadn't been encoded in "Channel 9" format. They're being encoded now, and as soon as I have them, they'll all be posted at the link that Jeff referenced.

    Sorry for the delay.

  • Show Off at PDC 2005

    kcchesnut wrote:
    do you think a higher-end web cam with 640x480 at 30 fps will be high enough quality? or should i really try to borrow a camcorder?
    Hard to say, kcchesnut. I'd guess that a camcorder would do a better job if you have the choice. But, if it comes down to it, we'd love the webcam version!

  • Show Off at PDC 2005

    codepunk wrote:
    2 questions:

    1. Open to MS employees?
    2. What is your definition of "cool"? I think the following is "cool" but would everyone else? http://blogs.msdn.com/markhsch/archive/2005/08/24/455791.aspx

    Good questions, codepunk.

    Regarding #1, yes, it is open to MS employees...frankly, any developers that use our technology. However, since this is a community event, we'll be very restrictive about how many (if any) MS submission we choose. If this were a contest, we'd probably have to exclude MS employees.

    For #2, we don't know yet. It's something we'll recognize when we see it. And, it's difficult to tell what the bar will be until we see a number of submissions. We've heard of some pretty cool ideas already, so it's very tough to say.

    Fortunately, since this isn't really a contest and we're planning to post most (if not all) of the entries to Channel 9 after the event the event, any reasonable entry should get good coverage.