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  • Working with Paragraphs and Text - 05

    You'll be glad to know I've worked it out Wink




  • Working with Paragraphs and Text - 05

    I'm enjoying the tutorials, the activities do help make the concepts stick and also giving a feeling of achievement. As an absolute beginner lesson 5 has left me a bit confused as to how to use the ID attribute, particulalry with regard to using it as a way to target a specific element for CSS styling. Should I be concerned about this at this stage or will all become clear as we move on through the tutorials and get to the CSS tutorials?

  • Series Introduction - 01

    Great tutorial. I've read various html guides but this interactive guide definately works well. The practical nature of the sessions show that you can make something worthwhile with some simple html, and it helps to make the ideas and principles stick in the mind!