mvuijlst mvuijlst Michel Vuijlsteke

Niner since 2004

I've been making web sites from before html was created.

Over the last ten years my job descriptions have included, in no particular order, web designer, project manager, managing director, creative director (interactive), web developer, consultant, programmer and CTO.

I live in a house that was built in the fourteenth century with my partner Sandra and my kids Zelie, Louis and Jan.


  • Sara Ford - ​Accessibili​ty and Visual Studio

    Hey Sara, I wasn't commenting on your screen reader abilities, they're fine with me Smiley
    But you're right, an extra mike would indeed have done the job!
  • Sara Ford - ​Accessibili​ty and Visual Studio

    Interesting to hear about the accessibility efforts, but this video highlights one of the major problems I have with a lot of the videos here: no screen shots.

    The interviewer asks Sara what VS sounds like with a screen reader, and most of the rest interview ends up being Sara trying to remember what the screen reader would say--when a simple demo would've been more effective.

    I understand there's probably issues of confidentiality, but surely something a little more complex than talking heads should be possible?