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mydigitalself lives in london. when he's not designing software for his employees, he's thinking about designing software for the rest of the world...or drinking wine...or playing pool...or snowboarding....or watching his football (soccer) team losing (come on you spurs)...or playing squash (and causing GBH to both himself and his opponent!). etc.
  • Brian Jones - New Office file formats announced

    I believe this is possible with Office 2003 today, certainly in Word and XLS - even if the document is in DOC format, you can query the DOM using XPATH.

    AndyD wrote:
    richardtallent wrote:
    3. Will Office VBA developers have direct access to the XML DOM? That would be *sweet*.

    I agree with this sentiment, once a document is loaded into Word, for example, I'd rather manipulte the XML, much more powerful than using the old API because frankly the API doesn't do stuff that I would like it too (for example inserting a subdocument between two other subdocuments).
  • Brian Jones - New Office file formats announced

    Quite interesting in that OpenOffice.org's file format is pretty much identical - ZIP file that supports multiple artifacts such as images, xml streams.

    You guys been learning from people who choose not to patent?