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  • Where to Go From Here - 21

    I just finished with last lesson! I don't have words to explain how much you helped me! Smiley Thank you very much! I will continue with your Javascript series ofc! I have learned a lot! You are the best! I have one question. What you think about book "The CSS3 Anthology: Take Your Sites to New Heights" (fourth edition) by Rachel Andrew. I have that book and I just want to know is that book good for me to continue learning about css3 after this series. Thank you one more time. Best wishes from Serbia! Smiley


  • Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page - 02

    Are you the greatest person who ever lived? Smiley Thank you very much for tutorials! I am total beginner in this! Because of you, I enjoy working in HTML5! You are good man! Smiley I hope one day I will learn that much so you can be proud of your student... Smiley Best wishes from Serbia!