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  • Pat Helland - Sings Bye Bye to Mr CIO Guy

    lenn wrote:
    Tell me more about The Nerd, the Suit, and The Fortune Teller ...


    What was it about and why was it so funny?

    It was about nerd, suit and fortune teller Smiley Seriously, Pat Helland, Rafal Lukawiecki and Clemens Vasters did great performance about business, IT and how SOA applies to it. Pat was dressed like a wizard from Tolkien's stories and other guys also did their parts well. They talked about the future of business in respect to SOA and how nerd and the suit will benefit from it.
    I think that it was filmed and Pat promised to put the video on his site - unfortunatellu it's actually down.
  • Pat Helland - Sings Bye Bye to Mr CIO Guy

    I saw this song live at Tech-Ed. You should see all those people with their jaws on the floor Smiley Pat, this was amazing Big Smile Nerd, suit and FT also kicked *.